Posted By: suecate

nook/kindle - 01/16/11 06:19 PM

Does anyone know if the Nook with 3G and wifi will work to download?
Posted By: filmmaker ben

Re: nook/kindle - 01/17/11 04:30 PM

For the Nook you CANNOT purchase new books when you're outside of the US (but you can use wifi download ones you've already purchased that are in your online queue).

For the Kindle you CAN purchase new books on Amazon, but you have to download them to your computer and then transfer them to the Kindle using the USB cable. That's what we do and it works just fine.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: nook/kindle - 01/17/11 05:13 PM

um...... how does Nook know where you are? I really don't think that is possible - well not yet anyway.

I think if you have a US credit-card address, you are in the US as far as they are concerned and you can buy from them.

Posted By: Chloe

Re: nook/kindle - 01/17/11 05:20 PM

credit card billing zip code, is key.
Posted By: datallmon

Re: nook/kindle - 01/17/11 07:23 PM

I've attempted to download Nook books, both here and other countries with mu US card. No luck... Downloading Amazon and iBooks works well wirelessly. I have no experience with 3G and purposely didn't get a 3G iPad cause of where I reside.
Posted By: JZB

Re: nook/kindle - 01/17/11 09:10 PM

I have no problems buying books on Amazon and having them download to my Wifi kindle without using USB cables or downloading to the computer first.
Posted By: gecko_girl

Re: nook/kindle - 01/17/11 11:02 PM

I suspect it is an IP address issue, rather than a billing zip.
Posted By: filmmaker ben

Re: nook/kindle - 01/18/11 03:56 PM

You could probably make it work using one of the various VPN programs (like Hotspot Shield) -- which essentially changes your IP address to an address in the states.
Posted By: gecko_girl

Re: nook/kindle - 01/19/11 10:41 PM

I know this VPN works with iPhones and Android phones -
Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: nook/kindle - 01/20/11 03:24 PM

My oh My, how things have changed over the last 10 years!
I remember on my first visit in 2000 how a couple expats,one in front of Crazy Canuks bar would sit reading with a small table full of used books for sale. I was also suprised when a youngster rode by on his bike and his cell went off.
Posted By: suecate

Re: nook/kindle - 01/21/11 09:02 PM

I spoke to the folks at the book store and they said that it is there position it does not work because of licensing with that said he went to italy and worked perfect if you have a 3G.

we will see.
Posted By: Hon

Re: nook/kindle - 01/21/11 10:01 PM

I downloaded a book to the mister's wifi Kindle 3 days ago. It took a little more time than at home (maybe 3 minutes) but otherwise, no problem.
Posted By: BZE Me

Re: nook/kindle - 01/21/11 11:54 PM

It IS the IP adress that prevents downloading because the WiFi or 3G has to go throught the local comunication protocol to identify itself. Cosequently the supplier computer knows exactly where the receving unit is! It is sorta like the phone caller ID.

I just checked Amazon and this is what is on their website:

Belize We are excited to now ship Kindle to Belize. Customers in Belize will enjoy:
Download Books Instantly: You can download books to your computer and transfer them to your Kindle via USB. Kindle wireless is not currently available in your country.

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