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Posted By: elbert

internet tech stuff - 01/28/11 11:54 PM

I need to understand more about my internet speed. I pay BTL a monthly fee and some extra for faster speed.
I need fast internet service for my job.
This might be one of those duaaa questions but if I share my line with another computer in the office does it cut my speed in half?
Also what is a conflicting ip??
Posted By: GwenA

Re: internet tech stuff - 01/29/11 12:18 AM

Ask Datallmon! If he doesnt know, he doesn't have an iron in the fire. Know what I mean?
Posted By: dabunk

Re: internet tech stuff - 01/29/11 12:26 AM

Think of it like a plumbing problem. If you have a 1/2 inch pipe and try to use sink and shower at same time less pressure/less speed. Step it up to 3/4 inch pipe and volume/speed increases but still have less than if only one is being used. Now the internet is slightly different as you are looking at a page it is not downloading anything/using water. Only when you are watching a video or downloading large files are you constantly using the water/downloading. So if both computers are watching videos at the same time speed will be reduced. But if you are just surfing pages you will not notice much difference.

IP address is like your mailbox, when you are on the net you are assigned an IP address/mailbox. Sometimes if other computer logs on it will assign the same IP/mailbox to both, therefore a conflict. Shut one down and reboot and a new IP will be assigned. Very basic description, hope it helps.
Posted By: hazzyy

Re: internet tech stuff - 01/29/11 12:26 AM

Your internet speed will be shared by both computers. If they are both online downloading data at the same time then you will notice a decrease in speed. Whether it's 50% or not will depend on the computers themselves.

Conflicting IP would be if two device's on the same network are trying to use the same IP. Not a problem if you are using DHCP. This wouldn't be a normal error for a small business/home network unless something has been setup funky.
Posted By: elbert

Re: internet tech stuff - 01/29/11 01:17 AM

Wow thanks guys , i knew we had a lot of tech folk on the message board.
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