some fishing questions

Posted By: yo-yo

some fishing questions - 01/31/11 05:24 AM

How's the fishing during the winter months around San Pedro? Is there a marina for a person to keep their own boat? What does it cost for boat gas down in San Pedro? I live in Colorado, USA and I've never been to Belize but it sure sounds nice and retirement is starting to tickle at the back of my mind. Thanks.
Posted By: CaptOneIron

Re: some fishing questions - 01/31/11 05:40 AM

The fishing is good all year round. Captain Shark's marina is there and you can keep your boat dry docked there. Gas is expensive on AC but so are a lot of things on the island. Come down and spend some time at different times of the year. It's a great place but it is not everybody. Good luck!
Posted By: Don Greife

Re: some fishing questions - 02/01/11 05:30 PM

There is a great new fly shop in San Pedro, that can start you out right with equipment etc. Send me an IM and I'll put you with a great fly fishing guide.
Posted By: yo-yo

Re: some fishing questions - 02/02/11 04:30 PM

Capt, define "expensive" for gas. Is it $4 a gallon, $10 a gallon, $20 a gallon?

Don, thanks for the offer but no immediate travel plans, just researching from a afar for the time being.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: some fishing questions - 02/02/11 04:33 PM

Around $10 Belize ($5 US) a gallon for regular gas.

One of the great things about AC is that the various fishing areas are close to town, and different kinds of fishing locations are close to each other so you can do a lot of fishing without burning a terrible amount of gas.

Posted By: yo-yo

Re: some fishing questions - 02/02/11 06:40 PM

Thanks Diane. The Florida Keys are over $3.50 per gallon so that's not so far out of line. I would imagine a fishing Kayak wouldn't be a bad way to go either with opportunities being so close at hand. Get some good exercise while your at it. Thanks.
Posted By: bzguy

Re: some fishing questions - 02/02/11 06:59 PM

Hello Don,
Your avatar is the business end of a fly-tying vise with a bonefish appealing pattern it it!
Posted By: klcman

Re: some fishing questions - 02/03/11 12:23 AM

I'll bet he didn't know that! smirk
Posted By: Phil

Re: some fishing questions - 02/03/11 03:24 PM

It was in answer to Don's quiz a few years back asking what his avatar was...........just a bit slow that's all.
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