whale sharks

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whale sharks - 03/08/06 09:52 PM

my g/f and i are in caye caulker around the 15 - 16th, and ambergris caye on the 17th & 18th of april. we want to do the whale shark diving, shark & stingray alley and the blue hole while we are there. can anyone tell me if it is possible to do it(whale sharks) from caye caulker? or ambergris? if so, with who? and what can we expect to be paying? also should we book in advance or just book when we arrive?
thanks in advance.
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Re: whale sharks - 03/08/06 10:43 PM

Whale sharks only arrive at certain times, and even then it is not certain you will get to see them. They are usually found off of Placencia. The other things you can do any time the weather is OK. Do a search on this board and you will find lots of info. The whale sharks are supposed to be awesome and I would love to see them too, but you will have a great time with or without them. Enjoy!
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Re: whale sharks - 03/08/06 10:48 PM

thay are expected either side of fullmoon over the period that we are there. therefore we are keen on finding a operator that takes divers out there. i know it is not guarenteed, but it will be worth trying to find em anyway i believe.
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Re: whale sharks - 03/08/06 10:53 PM

I don't think the dive shops do the whale shark dives from Caulker. You'd have to arrange it with a private dive boat and it would be very costly, and probably an overnight trip. If you want to do it for "normal" prices, you have to do it from Placencia or Hopkins.
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Re: whale sharks - 03/08/06 11:03 PM

how do we get to placencia or hopkins?
sorry about all the questions but i am trying to squeeze in as much as i can in a two week trip. so will be needing a lot of answers to a lot of questions. once again thanks, for the replies so far.
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Re: whale sharks - 03/09/06 02:07 PM

Easiest and quickest is to fly from Belize City. Or you can take public bus but that takes the better part of the day. Or you can rent a vehicle and drive yourself. Or you can take the 3 day cruise/camping trip Ragamuffin Tours offers from Caulker to Placencia.

Re: whale sharks - 03/09/06 03:50 PM

Check a recent san pedro sun newspaper - recent for me by the time it takes to get to tx.
i think there was a photo taken by a local of a whale shark at san pedro
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Re: whale sharks - 03/10/06 12:23 AM

Check out the web site for Brian Harris at Seahorse Diving. (
Brian is the best at finding the whale sharks. The best time is usually the two or three days after the full moon in April ,May and June. It is a full day trip. You will get back after dark so it will require you spending the night in Placentia.
Sounds like you may be trying to do too much in the time you have available. Better to plan another visit when you can. Enjoy the country and get to know the people.
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