Duty on Pharmacuticals

Posted By: JesseJames

Duty on Pharmacuticals - 02/11/11 10:47 PM

I understand (from googling) that pharmaceuticals and medications in Belize are more expensive than in the USA (approximately 25% higher from what I can gather).

It appears prices are much cheaper at pharmacies in Chetunal. If you fll a prescription at a Chetumal pharmacy, do you have to pay duty on the medication coming back into Belize?

If so, how much?
Posted By: MisterB266

Re: Duty on Pharmacuticals - 02/12/11 12:11 AM

I sent you a PM.
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Re: Duty on Pharmacuticals - 02/12/11 12:51 AM

Jesse, it depends on what you are buying. I have two pills that I take every day, and they are slightly cheaper in Chetumal. I have never been charged import duty on them, but I'm also not bringing in commercial quantities. These same prescriptions would be much more expensive in the U.S. as I have no insurance PLUS I would have to get a prescription from a doctor, and that would add to the cost of the medication in the U.S.
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