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LOST DOG - 02/13/11 06:16 PM

Blackie - the friendliest dog you will ever meet.
BLACK BACK - TAN LEGS and some white - Looks like a German Shepherd mix.

I got him from SAGA one year ago and gave him to my caretaker at Birdland. When the Caretaker went to Hattiville Jail my neighbor Jack took over the care for him.

Blackie patrols the entire El Tesoro section of Tres Cocos and most people love him.

Yesterday one of the local gardners borrowed my golf cart and asked if he could take my dogs to town with him. Miss Kitty and Pepe often go - but Blackie always stays home.

For some reason Robert took him too. When he stopped at Castillo's Hardware Blackie jumped off.

Robert spent time searching for him and I searched in the rain last night until the golf cart ran out of juice.

If anyone sees him please call me at 651-6184.
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Re: LOST DOG - 02/13/11 08:05 PM

Blackie will be back at Birdland when he gets good and hungry. He will miss you and his lovely home at Birdland. He's just exploring the island and then he will return. I just know it!
Love you,
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Re: LOST DOG - 02/13/11 10:34 PM

Coincidentally enough, Jo and I were biking home from town yesterday afternoon and Jo said she saw Blackie inside the front gate of Paradise Villas (just north of the Phoenix). We figured it was just a similar-looking potlicker, but given where he hopped off the cart it was probably him.

We'll keep our eyes open and keep you posted.

- B
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Re: LOST DOG - 02/13/11 11:30 PM

Thanks all - how the message board works:
A half hour after I posted the lost notice I got a call from a guy saying he was at Dahlia's store and playing with everyone. It took a half hour for my ride to get here so by the time we arrived he had moved on. Everyone we asked said yes, they had seen him. I left my phone number with security at the bridge.
Keep your eyes open and fingers crossed. If anyone else sees him how about tethering him and call me so when I come he will still be there???
Again - thanks
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Re: LOST DOG - 02/14/11 12:12 AM

just like Ben we saw him also, down at Cental Park heading toward Sail Away, he was following Jack on his bike after breakfast, this was 11 AM
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Re: LOST DOG - 02/14/11 10:25 PM

BLACKIE IS BACK HOME. thanks to many and espcially Phil from Gecko Graphics who had to hold him to get him to stay on the golf cart. He has not left my yard since.
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Re: LOST DOG - 02/15/11 12:08 AM

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Re: LOST DOG - 02/15/11 03:15 AM

I love a happy ending! smile
Posted By: *I Do* Belize Weddings

Re: LOST DOG - 02/15/11 05:42 AM

I am thrilled to hear your news. It broke my heart to read this last night and am glad Blackie is home. Happy Valentine's Day.
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Re: LOST DOG - 02/15/11 03:09 PM

Have you ever had a dog stand on his hind legs, front paws actually around your neck and hug you? That's how Blackie greated me this morning. Now he is lying in the sun in the sand at my feet. Funny how much love an animal can wring out of you!
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Re: LOST DOG - 02/15/11 03:42 PM

This is such great news. I'm so happy to hear that he is home!
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Re: LOST DOG - 02/15/11 04:06 PM

So wonderful Harriet. Animals are the best. So glad he is back with you safe and sound.

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