Night Snorkel and Dive?

Posted By: SeaDreams

Night Snorkel and Dive? - 04/08/06 04:30 AM

One snorkeler and one diver who are interested in both a night snorkel and a night dive... any suggestions as to who offers this?

We only have 7 nights in Belize this trip - split between AC and Caulker. We'll be there 4/22-28, leaving (big sigh) on 4/29.
Posted By: monica

Re: Night Snorkel and Dive? - 04/10/06 04:42 PM

Amigos del Mar offer both night diving and snorkeling, you'll love it, my son and I went, see differant fish and stuff at night.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Night Snorkel and Dive? - 04/10/06 06:38 PM

Gosh, I think every dive shop offers night diving. Just remember that they need a minimum number of people to make it cost effective. Gasoline is very expensive here.

From San Pedro Town all the night dives (that I know of) are done at Hol Chan. Whether or not they go depends on the currents and tides. Please be careful who you choose. If most operators are not going out and one or two are - beware.

The resorts up north may take people to Mexico Rocks.

Iíve never seen anyone night snorkel. But thereís a lot I havenít seen.

Be sure and bring your underwater lights.
Posted By: Seachange

Re: Night Snorkel and Dive? - 04/10/06 10:02 PM

Dive shop might provide the lights.
Posted By: monica

Re: Night Snorkel and Dive? - 04/10/06 11:09 PM

The dive shop brought the lights when we went night snorkeling, great fun.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Night Snorkel and Dive? - 04/10/06 11:58 PM

Night snorkeling is a blast, but a little scary if you happen to be afraid of the dark! Got followed around one night by a black tip, or mebbe it was white, I forget.

A number of op's will take you, for a minimum number of ppl or $
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: Night Snorkel and Dive? - 04/11/06 12:50 AM

yes, they all offer it. Amigos does with just 2 people.
Posted By: LBI Jerseyboy

Re: Night Snorkel and Dive? - 04/11/06 02:43 AM

Give "Tulu" a try at Belize diving adventures dock. Great fun, lot's of creatures lurking at night. He also plays the "Jaws" intro in your headphones as your swimming with your flashlights...
Posted By: Seachange

Re: Night Snorkel and Dive? - 04/11/06 01:13 PM

I am not sure anyone answered the original the dive shops you mentioned take the divers WITH the snorkelers on the same trip? I would like to take my snorkeler husband on trip where I could night dive, which I believe is similar situation to the original questioner.
Posted By: ecosvl

Re: Night Snorkel and Dive? - 04/11/06 01:37 PM

Ecologic divers does night dives at HolChan and outside the reef.
they do not do snorkeling at night.
if you want to snorkel and dive this is best done during the day and at hol chan, yes they will take out both divers and snorklers.
i belive most dive center also do the same
you can check out their web site to see the various dives.
Posted By: SeaDreams

Re: Night Snorkel and Dive? - 04/14/06 08:21 PM

Sorry for the late reply - been in Houston and out of reach of my computer for a few days.

Thanks yet again for all the tips everyone... and seachange is also right - we were wondering if there was also the possibility of night snorkel AND dive in the same trip.
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