American National suffers Jet skiing accident

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American National suffers Jet skiing accident - 03/18/11 12:36 AM

A female American National, identified as Cara Bray, suffered a jet skiing accident in the waters of the Boca Chica area shortly before 11:30am.

According to her husband Jack Bray, they were on the jet ski, with Cara in the back seat, when they hit another jet ski in front of them. According to an eyewitness aboard the SP Water Jets Express boat heading in to San Pedro from Belize City, passengers saw an obviously injured Bray floating in the water. Those onboard the boat rendered assistance and ensured that Bray was transported to the San Pedro PolyClinic II.

According to Dr. Otto Rodriguez, attending physician, Bray was complaining of a severe pain in the back area. She was stabilized, and because the San Pedro PolyClinic II is not equipped to treat such an emergency, Bray was airlifted to Belize City for further medical attention.

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Re: American National suffers Jet skiing accident - 03/18/11 03:27 AM

First the Reef Rocket this. Hopefully her injuries will not be life changing. It's a BIG BIG ocean out there...but obviously not big enough for the parties involved! Remember: "Accidents NEVER take holidays" Let's play SAFE!!

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Re: American National suffers Jet skiing accident - 03/18/11 02:23 PM


A woman was rescued at sea earlier today following an accident at sea.

Jorge Aldana reporting......

An American national was rescued shortly before 11:30 AM after she was involved in a collision at sea while onboard a jet ski. She was shortly thereafter assisted by a water taxi belonging on San Pedro Water Jets Express. According to an eye witness who was onboard the vessel that was heading to Ambergris Caye, when they reached an area in the Boca Chica Channel, located at the southern tip of the island, they observed the floating woman and a jet ski in the mangrove area. They immediately assisted the injured woman later learnt to be Cara Bray who is in Belize on vacation. In speaking to Love News Jack Bray said that his wife was seated on the back seat of the jet ski when they hit another jet ski travelling in front of them. Bray explained that when he released the throttle gear to slow down, he tried to turn away from the ski ahead of them but could not avoid hitting it. As a result of the collision, Cara was flung off the ski and ended in the water. Bray said that the while the incident was unfortunate, there was no bad intention and said that it was simply an accident. The injured woman was place inside the water taxi and taken to San Pedro Town where she was immediately transported to the San Pedro Policlinic for treatment. In speaking to Love News, Doctor Otto Rodriguez from the San Pedro Policlinic said that the Bray was complaining severely of an injury to the back but she was in a stable condition. Because the San Pedro Policlinic is not capable of treating such emergencies, Bray was later airlifted and transported to Belize City for further urgent medical attention.

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