Belize ,Ceviche Recipe

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Belize ,Ceviche Recipe - 03/28/11 03:41 PM

Looking for the recipe for Ceviche, made by real Belize restraunts in San Pedro.
Just did have some here in new bar in Florida, and it was not good. Explained to the owner at RUM River, here in Port Richey, I will get them the Recipe for them
The best I have had is in Belize, and every time I go there , that is just about all I eat, the best Ive had.
Help, Corona Steve
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Re: Belize ,Ceviche Recipe - 03/28/11 03:53 PM

Here is a old post with the recipe used by Holiday Hotel


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Re: Belize ,Ceviche Recipe - 03/28/11 05:35 PM

tricky question to answer because they vary so much in San Pedro. So where in your opinion do you feel has the best ceviche in SP? In general, it's a mixture of diced tomato, cucumber, carrot and onion (some use all and some use part of those veggies), mixed with cilantro, chopped habanero, plenty of lime juice, salt and pepper. That's it. Plus your seafood of choice.
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Re: Belize ,Ceviche Recipe - 03/28/11 05:56 PM

Fedo's, and Bluewater Grill
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Re: Belize ,Ceviche Recipe - 03/28/11 08:04 PM

I have eaten ceviche in many different places on AC. For my taste everyone puts in too much lime juice, and the ceviche is very acidic. The only place I will eat ceviche is at Rojo. But this is not a big surprise; isn't Jeff the best chef in all of Belize ? :-)
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Re: Belize ,Ceviche Recipe - 03/28/11 08:33 PM

Waraguma, BWG
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Re: Belize ,Ceviche Recipe - 03/28/11 08:38 PM

Belizean ceviche is known for the lime juice. That's what marinates the fish. If it's not limey it's not Belizean Ceviche. I favor my own home made ceviche most wink I think TQ would support me on this.
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Re: Belize ,Ceviche Recipe - 03/28/11 09:25 PM

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Re: Belize ,Ceviche Recipe - 04/04/11 09:59 PM

Caramba! Restaurant

Recipe of the week - Conch Ceviche

1/4 cup lime juice acid
1/4 lb carrots
1/4 lb white onion
1/4 lb tomato
3/4 lb conch
1 oz cilantro
1 habanero pepper
Seasonings: 1/2 tsp season all, 1/4 tsp blackpepper, 1/4 tsp salt


First we prepare the conch. We dice it into small cube pieces and marinade it into the lime acid. While the conch is cooking in the acid, you dice the vegetables in small cube pieces also. Dice the cilantro and the habanero pepper in smaller and finer pieces. Add the seasonings to the vegetables and mix everything with the conch which by now should be cooked with the lime acid. You can add the habanero to the mixture or serve it on the side. This serving is for 2 persons. In less than 10 minutes you can be enjoying your ceviche with a cold beverage. Accompany with corn tortilla chips. Enjoy!!!

For any suggestions or for a specific recipe, email us. Caramba! Where the foods always speaks for itself!
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Re: Belize ,Ceviche Recipe - 04/04/11 10:27 PM

Thank you Rene
Is it possible to get your ceviche with the habnero on the side?
I love eating at your place but can't eat your ceviche.
I've had ceviche with cucumber. What do you think of that?
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