San Pedrito Park project restarts

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San Pedrito Park project restarts - 04/01/11 03:14 PM

The San Pedrito Sub Division was created around 1993, and has now grown to a thriving community. Complete with fast food restaurants, stores and even a couple bars, there is much to occupy the adults in the area. However, there has not been much to occupy the ever wandering minds of the energetic children of the area. Well, that will hopefully change soon.

Faye Mounteer, a part time resident of and investor in San Pedro contacted the office of The San Pedro Sun on Tuesday, March 29th bearing the good news that with a promise from the Hon. Manuel Heredia and personally secured funds, the children of San Pedrito would soon be enjoying a new park.

In an interview with The San Pedro Sun she stated; "I started this project about three years ago; getting help from others and the town and local Minister to get it up and going. It was previously being used as a large garbage dump. I'm hoping that we're gonna get it done here by April".

Faye is the owner of a parcel of rental property located directly across from the area designated as San Pedrito Park. She tells us that her interest peaked on a visit after purchasing their rental property, when they were working on making renovations. A keen look at the map of the area they knew was being used a dump showed that it was actually designated to be a park.

With this knowledge, she knew had found her project. Three years now, Fays informs, she has been behind the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and the Minister, with the assistance of Mr. Samuel Gonzalez, fostering a working relationship to get the project underway. It was in early 2010, under the encouragement of the Minister, that she secured $2,000.00 to commence the first leg of the project. This, of course was after pushing for the garbage that previously occupied the property to be moved. This was done by the SPTC. According to Fay, her efforts led to the Minister securing $10,000, which was passed over to the then councilor responsible for the parks on the island, Mr. Severo Guerrero. Shortly after, she left the island and had been returning since and having individuals close to the project monitoring its progress.

To date, there has been a sea wall constructed at the park grounds to prevent erosion as well, the property has been cleaned and the landfill has commenced. This trip around, Faye has secured $2000 more: $1,500 was Faye's personal contribution, and $500.00 from a friend. The funds have been turned over to the authorities responsible to assist in the purchasing of a playground. She informs The San Pedro Sun that the playground is scheduled to arrive on the island some time next week.

In a March 24th, 2010 interview, Councilor Severo Guerrero had stated, "We have started cleaning the area already; I believe that in three months time the [San Pedrito] Park should be ready for the children to enjoy." This was just after Hon. Manuel Heredia had handed Councilor Guerrero a check for the sum of $10,000 to be used for the San Pedrito Park. On Wednesday March 30th 2011, almost exactly a year later, Councilor Severo Guerrero along with Mr. Samuel Gonzalez were at the site of the park where a dump truck was unloading sand to continue the landfill at the park.

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Were exactly is San Pedrito Park?
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Its all good. Have to appreciate and thank the efforts and donations.
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