Crime In San Pedro?

Posted By: peterh

Crime In San Pedro? - 04/13/11 04:16 PM

My wife and I are considering retirement on Ambergris Caye and plan a trip there this coming fall. We both subscribe to the San Pedro Daily and read it every day but lately we have been shocked by some of the recent articles. It appears that most of the incidents are between the local ( indigenous ) people. Is this true? or am I wrong in this assumption? or is there nothing to worry about ?
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Crime In San Pedro? - 04/13/11 05:46 PM

As one Canuck to another (I'm from Oakville). I've been here for 11 years and had a pair of shoes stolen off a boat and a bag of CD's stolen off my front deck when I left them out overnight. That's it. Others have had different experiences but I feel very safe here even if I've been out clubbing until 3 or 4am.
Posted By: ctb

Re: Crime In San Pedro? - 04/13/11 06:09 PM

There is crime in SP just like there is everywhere. We were robbed while we slept in our home in the US. Same thing happened here in SP. Both cases, no one caught, nothing returned. No matter where you are, you need to pay attention to your personal safety. We are happily retired here, despite the robbery.
Posted By: Rykat

Re: Crime In San Pedro? - 04/13/11 06:12 PM

All things being equal -I would assume you spent the same amount of time in both places - then robbed? confused
Posted By: peterh

Re: Crime In San Pedro? - 04/13/11 06:19 PM

Thanks for your replies.......not too worried about the petty crime such as theft, that pretty much happens anywhere you live, and if that's all you have then I'm sure we're gonna love it on AC
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