Satellite coverage?

Posted By: Fishmonger

Satellite coverage? - 05/13/11 11:58 PM

Is it possible I carry my Direct TV receiver from the US and have reception on AC? If so what size dish?
Posted By: belizeonthebeach

Re: Satellite coverage? - 05/14/11 04:56 AM

Flying Saucer Size. 3 meter works OK-2 meter is frustrating.
Posted By: Fishmonger

Re: Satellite coverage? - 05/14/11 05:01 AM

Thank you. Is there a local supplier for said dish and cost?
Posted By: belizeonthebeach

Re: Satellite coverage? - 05/14/11 05:11 AM

Some people take their TV more seriously than others I guess.
I am sure you could find a dish here--on the mainland--probably cost you 2k bz installed--i am guessing but it is a calculated guess
Posted By: The Baker

Re: Satellite coverage? - 05/14/11 01:20 PM

We have 2 used satellite dishes for sale. One for TV, one for Internet. Send us a PM if interested.
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Re: Satellite coverage? - 05/14/11 04:30 PM

I have a complete satellite system for sale, dish, 2hd receivers and 3 regular recievers. These are made to go with a Canadian system which is quite good and at least nominally legal unlike Direct/Dish or any of the others which I have been told are not legal in Belize. If you would like my more information send me a pm and we can make arrangements to for you to look at the items and also talk to someone that can install them.
Posted By: TravelinMan1

Re: Satellite coverage? - 05/15/11 02:13 PM

for regular Directv you will need a 6 foot dish. If you want HD you will need to change to the Choice system from Canada. The choice system requires to smaller dishes for full functionality. Depending on where you plan on living cable is a great bargain and unless you want the full Sunday ticket much more economical.
Posted By: Dr Buzzard

Re: Satellite coverage? - 05/15/11 04:02 PM

Where I live there is no service except by the sattelite. I get internet and tv service from Canada via a 3rd party supplier company in Belize City. It is expensive, but I do take my TV and internet seriously - I want it. I want to watch Survior and them hot women on Desperat Housewives. Plus they have a good selection of movies for when I'm not running naked thru the jungle.

Most of the big villages have cable and is much cheaper, but I live backabush.

But you just gave me an idea for my next blog review, will be on inland infrastrucure ;-)

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