Fishing off docks question

Posted By: TexasWSP

Fishing off docks question - 05/18/11 11:59 PM

Can anyone tell me what the rules are regarding non residents fishing from the dock at a hotel. We will be going out with guides some days but want to know if a license is needed to throw a line in off the hotel dock. Any info is appreciated- Thanks.
Posted By: future-expat

Re: Fishing off docks question - 05/19/11 05:45 AM

I've been fishing of the piers and haven't had a problem. Just make sure where you fish doesn't have a "no fishing" sign and all should be well. No one I've asked has given me a definitive answer though about whether or not there is a law regarding non residents needing a fishing license. Most people have just said "don't worry about it".
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