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Posted By: budah

snorkeling/fishing Guides - 06/14/11 09:34 PM

have not been in San pedro last couple years, as my wife and i have been going to Placencia, can anyone recomend a Guide like Tulu
Posted By: Wendy

Re: snorkeling/fishing Guides - 06/15/11 02:27 AM

Tulu has moved to Placencia!!
Have fun
Posted By: Paul S

Re: snorkeling/fishing Guides - 06/15/11 02:15 PM

Try to get Eric and Cliff - they are great!
Posted By: captjeff

Re: snorkeling/fishing Guides - 06/15/11 02:27 PM

GO to he books and brokers lots of local guides at very low prices.compared to the US.
abel,gureruro .pete graneil as well as Eric and clifford
steve runs the place go to the web site all call belize from the states 011-501-6079967 and steve takes credit CARDS WHICH IS A PLUS HERE with local guides . and yes eric and cliff do a great job with a fishing and snorkel combo a great day out on the water both are good fisherman as well as divers WITH WONDERFUL PERSONALITIES A true living the dream day..

Posted By: budah

Re: snorkeling/fishing Guides - 06/15/11 09:03 PM

yes thats why we have been in Placencia last few. figured it was time to come back home.
Posted By: BDB

Re: snorkeling/fishing Guides - 06/18/11 10:02 PM

Roberto Bradley - Have fished with him every year for the past 6 years. Flats, reef, and usually one day of snorkeling with lunch in Caye Caulker. Heading down next week and will fish with him again for at least 2-3 days.. phone from states 001 501 226 2116 email [email protected]
Posted By: the lazy gringo

Re: snorkeling/fishing Guides - 06/19/11 12:37 AM

I always fish with Eric and Clifford. They are great, but for snorkeling try Steve and his crew on the "No Rush". That's a great day on the water! Tulu is a one of a kind, we still try to hook up with him for lunch or a few beers when we are in Belize. He doesn't party like he used to though.
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