plain old swimming?

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plain old swimming? - 06/30/11 01:38 AM

Next topic of inquiry:
Is it really true that the swimming off the beaches is not so good-lots of seagrass with sea urchins and rays lurking underneath? There is a dock at the house we are staying in but I am thinking about my eleven year old having to jump in from there every time(not an expert swimmer yet). Are the snorkling sites accessible without jumping in a boat? Yikes-I just assumed that since we are staying right on a beach that swimming would be heavenly and now I'm reading it's not. Tell me it ain't so.......
Thanks again in advance.
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Re: plain old swimming? - 06/30/11 01:59 AM

Hi Lisa,

It depends where you are staying. Our water is very shallow here in most parts and the sea grass, which is an integral and necessary part of our reef eco system can be found in the shallow waters. It provides a great nursery ground for our sea life. There are some beaches with excellent swimming, but most are maintained by specific resorts and found south of town. Ramon's Village beach, Mar del Tumbo at Banyan Bay and Victoria House come to mind. There are rays everywhere and aren't we lucky? They are wonderful to watch and generally harmless, unless you really bother them. Tell the message board where you are staying and someone who lives nearby will be able to tell you what the swimming is like in that area.
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Re: plain old swimming? - 06/30/11 02:01 AM

Sorry, Boat trips are best. The reef is about a quarter mile out.
What we have along the shoreline is referred to as inner lagoon.
Turtle grass beds that are probably the richest habitat on the planet, but in terms of 'yuck dont step on that!...yes
kayak out to the reef and swim its shallow there and very beautiful, off the end of the docks... na.
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Re: plain old swimming? - 06/30/11 01:55 PM

Sea grass yes, but no sea urchins in it. These critters live in the coral rocks out by the reef.

I like to walk barefoot on a lawn in the summer - to me the sea grass is a lawn in the water.

Folks with docks tend to keep a deeper water area clear of seagrass for swimmers. You might find some interesting sea life under and around the dock - snorkeling the area could prove fun. Up at Rojo they also have a special place under their pier made just for snorkeling.
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Re: plain old swimming? - 06/30/11 02:20 PM

Snorkeling is great at Wet Willy's and Banyan Bay. The best at Tranquility Bay, awesome. You'll more than likely have a nice snorkeling area close to your rental home. The reef is the mecca for snorkeling though. I would advise only going with a licensed tour company and tour guide.
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Re: plain old swimming? - 06/30/11 04:56 PM

Just returned a few weeks ago from my first trip. While there my wife and I did a lot of swimming/snorkeling on the beaches and saw a host of different creatures. Ramon's has a nice beach area where grass is less of a problem. Ruby's hotel has a decent beach where the grass does not become a problem until you are chest deep or so. There is also an old pier just past Coral Reef Villas that has some excellent snorkeling. There were literally thousands of fish schooled up under that pier. You know you found the pier I am referring to if you see one that has a large chain holding a couple of wooden posts up at the end of it. It is not a pretty pier but the amount of fish under it is astounding. Other than that the best advice I can give is to grab whatever you need and start walking the beach. Get in the water whenever you find an area that looks appealing.
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Re: plain old swimming? - 06/30/11 08:37 PM

Take a day trip to Caye Caulker and swim the cut. This is an Otter trip staple!
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Re: plain old swimming? - 07/01/11 01:09 AM

Hey everyone-thanks for all the good information. Ridiculously enough, I cannot find the address for the house we are staying in. I know it has a dock and I think it is in Boca Ciega and that is as far as I get. Maybe some of you might know it just by the name-Casa de Lisa which is next to a house called Casa Redonda?
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Re: plain old swimming? - 07/01/11 02:04 AM

few Streets, or street names, no house numbers or zip codes is part of the charm and just the name of the house tells everyone exactly where it is.
I often make up an address for myself to satisfy ' all the fields must be filled in'.
I'm particularly fond of 'noneo' as a zip code ;-)
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Re: plain old swimming? - 07/01/11 02:42 AM

Que linda! so do you know where Casa De Lisa and Redonda are and how the swimming is around that area?
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Re: plain old swimming? - 07/01/11 02:05 PM

Swimming off the pier only at Casa del Lisa/Casa Redondo. The water is fairly shallow and sandy bottomed there. An 11 year old should have no problems getting in and out of the water.
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Re: plain old swimming? - 07/02/11 02:41 AM

perfect. I am really grateful that all of you are so helpful. And now you have made an eleven year old happy as well. Muchisimas Gracias.
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