Ideas for wedding and guest daytrips

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Ideas for wedding and guest daytrips - 07/19/11 09:16 AM

Hi there, first I need to admit that I have been lurking for over a year now, taking interest in the forums and news. I am hoping I can get local point of views about our August 2nd wedding and week with our guests.

The wedding is 4pm on August 2nd, hopefully on the beach. I know weather is completely unpredictable, but I wanted your general point of view of what the summer has been like. I am not sure we could expect rain at 4pm, or if there are any tropical depressions in the works. I come from one of the rainiest urban cities in the world and here's to hoping I can leave my non existent summer behind and enjoy some tropical sunny weather!

We have a general plan to see Hol Chan, Blue Hole (diving), Lamanai and the Costa Maya festival while we are here. I followed several threads here with raving about the snorkel/scuba sites and Lamanai. If anyone has suggestions of a must do with a small group (12) people, and if there are certain things we should not attempt in wet/windy conditions please let me know!

I am so excited for this. We leave in 9 days, I can't belive its almost here!
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Re: Ideas for wedding and guest daytrips - 07/19/11 11:58 AM

Hol Chan Marine reserve snorkeling is a trip for everyone young ,old , diver , non diver
its inexpensive,easy to organize and doable in weather other trips are not.
check this info out
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Re: Ideas for wedding and guest daytrips - 07/19/11 04:25 PM

Our daughter was married on the beach in May and we planned several activities. We did a day trip to Lamanai, a poolside party with appetizers and drinks (the steel drummer had to cancel, but the IPod loaded with tropical music was perfect), drinks at the Palapa Bar with a game for people to find the happy couple's names with a Palapa Bar shirt as the prize, a sunset sail after the 4 pm wedding then reception dinner, and an all-day catamaran sail for snorkeling and lunch on Caye Caulker. The guests liked having a mixture of free time and scheduled activities. Some took other tours, rented hobie cats, explored by bike or golf cart, or just sat at the pool. Overall, our guests said it was the most fun they had ever had at a wedding! Congratulations - it's a great place for a wedding!

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Re: Ideas for wedding and guest daytrips - 07/19/11 08:20 PM

The cave tubing is a blast. I would make sure you bring your own scuba gear or trust who you are renting from to do the blue hole. we had an experience last time with renting for the blue hole dive and the regulator had a malfunction at 120feet and had to do an emergeny acent to the top. so now we still dive there and are going back but we take our own scuba gear. But the cave tubing is a must and the dive site are beautiful. have fun and congrats.
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Re: Ideas for wedding and guest daytrips - 07/22/11 12:03 AM

Thank you so much everyone! We will for CERTAIN go to Hol Chan. Thanks for the tips on outfitters everyone. And also the rental warning! I am very very excited.

Anyone have any tips on weather in the next two weeks? I don't think I need to worry about it. I did notice you guys often have a quick sun shower at around 3pm. I am wondering if that is something we should prepare around?
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Re: Ideas for wedding and guest daytrips - 07/22/11 12:28 AM

The World Famous Chicken Drop is a must do for everyone visiting San Pedro
Thursday's at Wahoo's Lounge (center of town on the beach)

Tickets go on sale 6:00pm first drop is at 7:00pm
Your Bride and Groom can be the ones to fluff the chicken.
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Re: Ideas for wedding and guest daytrips - 07/23/11 10:05 PM

PM'ing you now!!!

Laura G.
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Re: Ideas for wedding and guest daytrips - 07/23/11 11:27 PM

Just a note about cave tubing... It is wonderful as are the other cave exploration trips. With the cave tubing be careful about the river levels and speed of the current... be sure it is safe! Most outfits will cancel the trip if it is unsafe.
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