Ambergris vs S. Padre Island, Tx.

Posted By: Chloe

Ambergris vs S. Padre Island, Tx. - 07/23/00 09:57 PM

S.Padre Island Tx is 25 miles from my house, so I went there this weekend, trying to convince myself, that it is much like Ambergris, and the Carribbean Sea God jumped up and put a piece of wood in my way, tripping me, and I did a three point landing on two skinned knees and left elbow, so I am convinced Ambergris is Best, and just lucky the Sea God didn't let me break a bone in the fall. Proves I am a tough old lady.LOL
I was only drinking TWO DOG beer, which is a lemonade brew, so I was not Drunk, until after the fall. LOL
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Ambergris vs S. Padre Island, Tx. - 07/24/00 08:53 PM

Chloe.....You are truly a character. And also a nut. But a very nice nut. I'm so sorry to hear about your fall. Was in South Padre a few weeks before we left for Ambergris. We thought it was paradise until we got to San Pedro as well. The pits to ruin your own "percieved" paradise isn't it? Was out in the gulf this past weekend, boating, and my son wanted to know why the water didn't look like Belize...... What do you say??? Went to pick up a pack of renegade film at the photo lab, and the last few pictures were of San Pedro. Howl, groan and pout. I'm so homesick.!!! Ruined my day. Love to you and the boo boos on your knees. Hope they heal quick! Debbie
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Ambergris vs S. Padre Island, Tx. - 07/25/00 12:42 AM

Debbie, I sat on the beach too, looking at the gulf water, and it was beautiful as gulf water goes, but not at all like the carribbean. Carribbean is magical.
I do not know what our problem is, we live on this beautiful gulf, and long to be on San Pedro. San Pedro is like a lover just calling you back all the time.
Posted By: Jenn

Re: Ambergris vs S. Padre Island, Tx. - 07/25/00 07:37 PM

Chloe, that's the best description I've heard about San Pedro!! That's exactly how it feels. I try to get back at least two or three times a year, and am planning an extended trip next year. Thanks to all you regulars on this board who make San Pedro seem just a little closer!
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Ambergris vs S. Padre Island, Tx. - 07/25/00 09:30 PM

Jenn you have now joined the "Wanna be's" too. When Chickie gets that tattoo parlor set up, they can develop a special tattoo for we people crazy for San Pedro. LOL
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Ambergris vs S. Padre Island, Tx. - 07/25/00 10:50 PM

I'm sorry ta hear of ya fall from grass. Ya shouldn't be smoking that stuff! Did ya have a nice trip? LOL Ya gots to come back ta San Pedro soon, as it seems that ya can't keep up with da fast pace at Padre Island. LOL. Take care: Bill
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Ambergris vs S. Padre Island, Tx. - 07/25/00 11:05 PM

Bill the fast pace on SPI was the problem. SPI has paved streets, that was the problem.
San Pedro with sand street, one can fall and not get hurt. LOL Man I have sore spots in placing I did not know I had, til now.
Posted By: chicke

Re: Ambergris vs S. Padre Island, Tx. - 07/28/00 04:24 AM

Chloe, you are so right about the water. We were raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and after seeing the beautiful colors of the Caribbean Sea I think we grew up swimming in old bath water!!LOL
Posted By: pescador

Re: Ambergris vs S. Padre Island, Tx. - 07/28/00 06:39 AM

I'm planning a trip to AC for September and I would like some input from you veterans as to where I should stay. My wife and I will be celebrating our 1st annaversary. I would like a place with A/C and a fresh water pool. I would like to keep lodging expenses under $150/day.

By the way, SPI is my old stomping ground.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Ambergris vs S. Padre Island, Tx. - 07/28/00 03:24 PM

First of all you have to decide, stay in town or stay north or south of town at a resort. Each has it's own special appeal.
I have done both and loved both. My last trip I stayed at Sunbreeze across from the airport. It had what we needed fresh water pool and close to everything. Price on all depends on the time of year. But you sure can keep it under the $150.00 per night.
Magnum Belize tours has packages including air fares, room ,tours of ruins, snorkeling or diving. For June we paid $869. p/p for 6 nights.
So you left that pot hole from stomping on SPI that I fell in. LOL I was by Louie's Backyard. Have fun on Ambergris Belize.
Fido's is the San Pedro's Louie's.
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