Honeymoon Villa at Ramones Village

Posted By: keith

Honeymoon Villa at Ramones Village - 04/17/00 08:15 PM

After reading this board for several months, my wife and I made a choice to stay in the honeymoon villa at Ramones Village. Our trip is the last week in May. Have we made a good choice? What can we expect?
Posted By: margarita

Re: Honeymoon Villa at Ramones Village - 04/17/00 10:09 PM

My friend is from San Pedro and stayed in the honeymoon suite #1 for her honeymoon, she loved it. Apparently there is a shower built for two!
Belize it!
Posted By: Grace

Re: Honeymoon Villa at Ramones Village - 04/20/00 12:08 PM

Ramon's is the nicest resort on the island, in my humble opinion. The service is great, the amenities wonderful. Enjoy!
Posted By: Sandcrab

Re: Honeymoon Villa at Ramones Village - 04/20/00 02:40 PM


Go! Enjoy the resort. While you are there, and if you have the time, go out and see the sights. Walk the beach and stop frequently to check out other restaurants and bars. Meet the people of San Pedro and I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.

Posted By: Jana

Re: Honeymoon Villa at Ramones Village - 04/20/00 08:56 PM

My husband and I stayed in the Honeymoon Villa at Ramon's for two weeks.We couldn't have asked for better sevice and the villa was very clean. We stayed in the one on the left when facing Ramon's from the beach. I hope you have a great time!
Posted By: calypso

Re: Honeymoon Villa at Ramones Village - 04/22/00 02:05 AM

I've visited Ramon's Village Resort several
times, and I find it to a lovely place to
stay... It is clean,pleasant and the service
is great...The staff is the friendliness,
they seem to have a warm and friendly way
of showing their guests a great time...
The food is great, they prepare American,
Caribbean dishes, etc... The cabana, villas
are lovely, they have a warm topical touch..
I like their new swimming pool and jacuzzi..
They have a beautiful beach front, and view..
The beach is clean, and the sea is very clear to swim...I really enjoyed the good
treatment there, its lovely..
I hope you enjoy your stay at Ramon's, and
have fun in San Pedro...
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