Shipping souvenirs

Posted By: Loka

Shipping souvenirs - 08/08/11 02:08 AM

Hi, I've been reading this forum for about a month and have not come across this question. Please excuse me if it's a repeat of someone else's question: I would like to take any souvenirs that I purchase and just ship them home, instead of in my suitcase. Is there a place that can do this? I guess they would have declaration paperwork too? Also, any opinions about carry on VS. checking your bags?
Posted By: shuffles

Re: Shipping souvenirs - 08/08/11 01:31 PM

Shipping from Belize to anywhere is expensive. I would suggest that you take them home with you.
Posted By: sunrisesky

Re: Shipping souvenirs - 08/08/11 02:33 PM

you are SO right Shuffles... an expat moved back to the US and couldn't take a package of art supplies in her checked in luggage, due to time and quantity of stuff she was already taking back. The supplies were originally bought in the US and brought down. Worth around $250US. Shipping them back would have been nearly $300US with FEDEX... yes they were heavy,maybe 30lbs, but not bulky
Posted By: Phil

Re: Shipping souvenirs - 08/08/11 04:42 PM

You can send things Parcel Post through the Post Office at a very reasonable rate and recorded delivery doesn't add much cost. I regularly seee Graniels dropping off those wood clam chairs for sending overseas.
Posted By: Loka

Re: Shipping souvenirs - 08/10/11 11:07 AM

Thanks for your responses. I guess I will bring an extra carry on in case the cost is prohibitive to ship. I will try the post office though.
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