Emergency Action Plan 2011/2012

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Emergency Action Plan 2011/2012 - 08/10/11 03:08 PM

Emergency Action Plan 2011/2012
While Belize is a very safe and fun place to dive, we are prepared in case of an emergency situation.
Safety Operations
A qualified Divemaster/License Belizean Tour Guide will always be present when White Sands Dive Shop conducts any Diving or snorkeling excursion. These individuals are trained in oxygen administration, first aid and CPR procedures as well as rescue breathing and airway obstruction. A first aid station is also housed inside the building used for dive shop operations and all boats.
Emergency Evacuation
In all emergencies, the San Pedro Hyperbaric Chamber must be contacted immediately, by calling 226-2851 ( this number is posted on the wall above the schedule board. When the phone is answered:
Give your name and specific location and all other pertinent information that is requested. Bring someone with you when making an emergency call so that one of you can stay by the phone at least 3-minutes for any return call, if necessary. A list of emergency services telephone numbers appear at the end of this section. In the case of a life-threatening emergency, request that Med Flight be dispatched immediately.
Emergency Evacuation North of the San Pedro River
Emergency evacuations north of the San Pedro River are cautioned about attempting long road evacuations by golf cart. The Costal Express offers Emergency Evacuation Services by boat.
Phone 226 2007 they stand by Marine radio frequency 80.
They stop at any dock for transport to the Amigos dock in town and will call ahead to have a doctor meet at the Amigos dock.
Transportation from the Amigos dock in San Pedro Town to airport or chamber is by land taxi service also arranged by Costal Express. Costal Express employees are trained, experienced and rehearsed for Emergency Evacuations from Ambergris Caye’s remote North areas.

Med-Flight Emergencies
Contact the Chamber to request Med Flight for certain medical emergencies which require immediate evacuation from Ambergris caye. It is noted that Med Flight is not the primary responder. However, due to the remoteness of our location, Astrum has agreed to respond to certain emergencies when called upon by the San Pedro Hyperbaric Chamber.
[email protected]
Office (Belize): +501 222-5100
Mobile (Belize): +501 610-4381
Toll Free (US): +1 (888) ASTRUM4
Toll Free (US): +1 (888) 278-7864
(1) Near drowning when the victim has lost consciousness. San Pedro Chamber must be called whenever a victim has been removed from the water in an unconscious condition.
(2) Cerebral Arterial Gas Embolism (A.G.E.). Although rare, this is a very serious diving injury. Whenever the victim is suspected of experiencing an air embolism, as it is commonly called transport to San Pedro Hyperbaric Chamber. Signs and symptoms to watch for all convulsions, unconsciousness, bloody froth at the mouth, partial or full paralysis, etc.

Any trauma, such as uncontrolled bleeding, head injury, etc. caused by a fall or instrument, requires immediate evacuation. Call San Pedro Poly Clinic 226-2536
Most emergency evacuations will be taken to Belize City Hospital (KHH) 223-1548
Hyperbaric Chamber
The closest hyperbaric chamber is located the San Pedro Air Strip 226-2851
Wings of Hope- Medical emergency air ambulance- 223-3292 or fax: 223-0549
Los Pinos Clinic 602-6383 and 226- 2686.
Dr. Lerida Rodriguez: 226-2197 or cell 620-1974
Hyperbaric Chamber - 226-2851
Poly Clinic-226-2555 and 226-2536
Dr.DanielGonzalez,Ambergris Hopes Clinic, 226-2660. or 606 2316
Diver's Alert Network 919-684-8111800-446-2671
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Not on the list is Dr. Daniel Gonzalez, Ambergris Hopes Clinic, 226-2660. or 606 2316
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Added , Thanks

and he just sewed me up, how could i forget :-)
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Oh geez Elbert are you alright? What got you?
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My motorcycle bit my foot!
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hope the bike is okay wink
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Good checklist. The only things I can think of that aren't there are - if a diver goes to the hyperbaric chamber, take their dive computer or the dive computer of someone who was diving with them; and in the event of a diving accident secure all gear used by the victim for later inspection.
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Check the bike for rabies... grin
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Funny guys....glad Elbert is okay....

PROBUS; yes, the equipment inspection is a great idea....Often we overlook the equipment during an immediate emergency; however lots of things can contribute to an emergency, we should not rule out anything until all investigation has been exhausted. This is how we can help future divers!

Don't forget your DAN insurance. As an avid reader of the DAN magazine I'm always refreshed to hear about how emergencies are prevented everyday by plans and people like this one.
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DAN or Travellers, Travellers now has a policy for divers its very affordable and endorsed by DAN.
DAN doesn't cover those living outside the US anymore and suggests Travellers.
I got it for our crew and they fedXed a check for Juan's Lionfish sting doctor bill in 48hours.
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Can someone post your hurricane preparedness list. the stuff you should have on hand. Son living in long island which is about to get a visit from Irene frown
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Have him check An excellent resource.
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