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Posted By: Kathy

Capricorn Leisure - 05/01/00 09:20 PM

I just read on the Frommers Web site that
Capricorn Leisure has a very bad rep in Belize and that hotels do not accept reservations with them because they always cancel! Is this true? Or a rumor?
I've had a trip planned for months and don't want to run into problems!
Posted By: Sandcrab

Re: Capricorn Leisure - 05/02/00 06:03 PM


To allay your concerns, I suggest you contact your hotel by e-mail or telephone and confirm you have a reservation.

Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Capricorn Leisure - 05/02/00 10:23 PM


That's interesting about Frommer's, because it was the Frommer's site that first got Capricorn a lot of Internet publicity about its good deals.

I don't have any personal dealings with Capricorn but I have been told that they have low rates, and I have seen on the Internet a number of positive postings about the deals people got.

You could check with the Better Business Bureau in whatever city they're based in, and as Jim suggests, call the hotel or hotels you're booked with and confirm that your reservations are ok.

--Lan Sluder
Belize First Magazine
Posted By: Marty

Re: Capricorn Leisure - 05/02/00 11:43 PM

I've heard that it's the hotels
that have had problems with Capricorn. They get tentative inquiries from potential travellers, then despite the
fact that the traveller hasn't confirmed a thing by deposit, they
"confirm" reservations with hotels saying that the reservation is firm,
the money is paid etc. etc. and then they cancel at short notice. Of
course, they're protecting themselves against not being able to find
space during busy times if the guest DOES actually confirm with a
deposit...they don't lose a dime. Hotels on the other hand find it
impossible to schedule rooms under such a system and some have ended up with big "holes" during busy times when they should
be reporting 90-100% occupancy.

Some of the better hotels now refuse to take Capricorn reservations too
seriously and anyone making reservations with them should
exercise caution, perhaps by emailing the hotel they have booked through
Capricorn and assuring the hotel that they have paid for their room and
asking for a re-confirmation.
Posted By: blubin

Re: Capricorn Leisure - 05/05/00 10:26 PM

I am the one that posted the message in Frommers about Capricorn. There was just one inaccuracy in the posting. Tropica Beach Resorts owner, Gary, does take reservations from Capricorn and was the one who secured my hotel reservations at the last minute. Tropica Beach Resort is a fine place to stay. Ask for room #4. Its on right on the beach with a porch and has an amazing view. Call Gary @ Tropica.

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