Is there surf in Ambergris Caye?

Posted By: tbaragona

Is there surf in Ambergris Caye? - 05/03/00 04:51 PM

Is there surf in Ambergris Caye or any other Belize islands around there?
Posted By: Marty

Re: Is there surf in Ambergris Caye? - 05/03/00 05:25 PM

from what i've seen one would get pretty chewed up on the reef trying to surf.

But then I'm speaking of Ambergris Caye...
Posted By: John R

Re: Is there surf in Ambergris Caye? - 05/03/00 05:30 PM

I posted the same question that you have. I went down there for New Years on a family trip. I have surfed all my life, and thought the second largest barrier reef had to produce surf. I was set to take a board and catch something. However, everyone told me that there were no waves; thus I left my board at home. When I got there, I asked everyone about surf. I thought that there had to be a pass through the reef that produced, but everyone told me NO. On the right swell at the right place (that I did not discover) I am sure that you could find something. I did not find anything in the general area of Ambergris Caye. I would leave the board at home, or plan a trip to another locale for surf. There is no epic consistant surf in and around Ambergris Caye. However, the snorkling, diving, fishing, and drinking is great.
Posted By: fred

Re: Is there surf in Ambergris Caye? - 05/03/00 05:50 PM

the carribean is not really a surf destination...except during hurricanes. i've heard the pacific side of costa rica has some great rides,but thats about as close as it gets.
marty is right, you would get way torn up on the reef- there is tons of elkhorn coral just a few feet beneath the surface.
Posted By: John R

Re: Is there surf in Ambergris Caye? - 05/04/00 02:35 PM

Fred, there are great waves in the Caribbean: the Abacos, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Barbados, most all Latin American countries, and every other island thrown in between. And, yes the waves break best over coral that is only covered by a few feet of water. If I had time, I could find a wave in Belize, but Belize has other jewels to offer. If I wanted to go surfing, I would go to another locale with waves breaking over a few feet of coral.
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