Gary in CT???

Posted By: Lemnia

Gary in CT??? - 05/14/00 03:36 PM

Hi Gary
Read your post this morning.I am also in CT,and am going to AC in June. Couple of questions to you if I may? What is the Basil Jones Resort? Will June be stiflingly HOT? Are mosquitoes a real nuisance this time of year,and what is the best repellant to use? Hope to hear from you,thanks in advance,
Posted By: Gary

Re: Gary in CT??? - 05/15/00 06:41 AM


Check out the post "question" for answers on mosquitoes. Feel free to comtact me at [email protected]
Posted By: Marty

Re: Gary in CT??? - 05/15/00 05:20 PM

Basil Jones REsort is a new place going in up on the northern-ish end of the island....

June is not horrendously hot, the breeze off the ocean keeps San Pedro cool...

skeeters are only bad inland, not along the eastern shore... that same breeze keeps the bugs off, but if you get into the middle of the island, where the breeze stops, thats where the skeeters come into play...
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