Posted By: chicke

tattoos - 07/23/00 10:32 PM

Hey Chloe great comeback. You get a free tattoo when we get there!!!!!!!
Posted By: Chloe

Re: tattoos - 07/23/00 11:37 PM

OH GOLLY GEE, I AM SO EXCITED, I AM JUMPING FOR JOY. LOL I will be searching for the one that will best define me. LOL
Posted By: dphil56

Re: tattoos - 07/25/00 08:58 PM

Hope you get set up before I get there in Jan. That would make the trip even more special. I want one so bad!!
Posted By: Chloe

Re: tattoos - 07/25/00 11:13 PM

Chicke you best carry a range of temporary tattoos for we ole gals, nothing permnent for us, we are from the generation that believes in changing our minds often. lol
Posted By: Debbie

Re: tattoos - 07/26/00 05:43 PM

Oooooo Chloe,
I agree with you on this one. Just like I like to change hair styles, shoes, nail polish, "moods", I would want that option as well. Tatoos are fun. My husband "applied" a temporary one on my shoulder and "hip" the last time we were on South Padre Island. Just for grins and giggles, and it wore off in two weeks. It was great fun!!! When I get back to San Pedro I would definately like to get another temporary one with a Belizian theme.... Hmmmmmm maybe a tropical fish, a sunset, or a Tucan????? Chloe, If you do, I will!!! Chicke, are you up for the job?????? Think you could come up with some temporaries with those themes?
Posted By: Chloe

Re: tattoos - 07/26/00 08:22 PM

South Padre Island does a huge business on Temp. tattoos as well as perm. I lined up 5 grandchildren daughter and daughter in law, and paid for the temps. They loved them.
Grampa almost had a stroke, until he learned they were temps. Only in Belize will I wear a temp., I have to earn a living here. LOL
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