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Tours - 07/24/00 06:28 PM

Which tours do you all think are absolutely "most do's"? Who hosts them?

I was thinking of going to lamanai with Sea-duced, Caye Caulker (+3 snorkel stops) with the Winnie, maybe cave tubing, but it seemed kind of expensive given that lamanai is also pretty expensive. The manatee watching also sounds pretty neat.

Please give me your comments or suggestions...

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Re: Tours - 07/24/00 10:33 PM

Please don't make me reply to my own message ... where are Lan and ChooChoo and the rest of you Guides? :-)
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Re: Tours - 07/24/00 10:58 PM

Lamani is really beautiful but it is a very very long trip to get there. I think we left around 7:00 AM and got back around 8:00 PM. You definitely have to be into the Mayan ruins to enjoy it. I loved it but my friend was a little bored with the trip. From what I hear, Alta Ha (spelling?) is a lot closer but not as spectacular but is still good. It would be cheaper because it is closer. In my opnion, if you dive, Caye Caulker trip would be worth it. If you don't dive the snorkling right off of Ambergris Caye's reef is great. Others may disagree on this one. One thing that is total must is snorkeling with the sting rays and nurse sharks. They come right up to you. It was amazing. We did this with Ramon's but other operators do it also. Have fun whatever you decide.
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Re: Tours - 07/25/00 12:52 AM

The info by Debbie is good. Depends on how long you are staying. If I were only going to be there a week to 10 days, I would not want to leave Ambergris 3 or 4 of those days,
to the ruins, tubing, and to see the Manatees. I would want to see all those things, when I can stay for two or more weeks. Every minute on Ambergris is precious.
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Re: Tours - 07/25/00 12:53 AM

OOPS sorry Terri not Debbie.
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Re: Tours - 07/26/00 10:41 AM

I did ALL of the trips with Searious Adventures. Altun Ha, Lamanai, manatee and Caye Caulker. Wonderful trips and Willie was an incredible guide. Their shop is located on the beachside, in front of Rubys Hotel.

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Hey BB;

In April we took SeaDuced by BZ to Lamanai. Left at 7:30 got back by 5:30. If nothing else the ride in Elito's boat is worth it. Like a 2 hour ride on the Beast. The ruins are interesting, he food is good and rum punch on the return is VERY dangerous. Try the snorkeling trip to caye Caulker on the Winnie Estelle. If you have an appreciation for old boats you will love this. Captain Robert is a blast and once again the rum punch is very deadly. (This from someone who drinks the vodka neat). There are several snorkeling/lunch trips to Mexico Rocks that are fun also.

Tell me again, when are you going?

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Re: Tours - 07/26/00 05:30 PM

Thanks, ChooChoo. We're going August 17 through August 22. Too short -- but that's all we could manage this time...

What do you think about manatees or cave-tubing?

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Have a lot of experience in BZ but not with tubing or manatees. You might just want to take something like the Lamani trip and chill out the rest of the time. This is the world's greatest place to do nothing, and I am very accomplished at that having practiced it in AC for years. You ARE allowed to come back! We started once a year and now it is five. We will probably be there in August ourselves..looking at the 13th to the 21st.
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Re: Tours - 07/27/00 01:12 AM

BeerBudget: We took several tours and fishing trips on AC. For some pictures go to my web at and scroll to Part 2 and follow the > links
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Re: Tours - 07/27/00 03:25 PM

OldGator, Thanks for the reply and for the pictures of the Sunbreeze. That's where we're staying -- and your pictures look great!!
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