miscellaneous madcap mayhem

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miscellaneous madcap mayhem - 07/25/00 07:30 AM

since we are staying a good piece south of town whats up with the bikes? if we want to run into town for an hour or so to shop, eat or basically hang out who wants to rent bikes. like are there bike hitching posts. do ya need to lock them up. are they nice bikes or are they 40 lb schwins? are there plenty of cart cabs to haul our tired butts back to the house? what if we're partying late at "whose your daddy's? are there cart cabs late at night. what do they charge for that 1.5 mile fare

Re: miscellaneous madcap mayhem - 07/25/00 01:43 PM

Lock up the bikes. Most of the lodging that have bikes have the older style one speeds. Get you into shape. Cab will be about $4-5 US, and they are readily available. Be fewer late at night, but they are around.

You can always walk the beach front. If you stay together no problem. Very little crime, but you are out of town and like anywhere in the world a little caution is needed.
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Re: miscellaneous madcap mayhem - 07/25/00 03:12 PM

I agree the bikes should be locked. The walk is very easy from out of town. Most likely you won't mind it. At home I would never think of walking 1.5 miles home from the bar. In Ambergris you will feel different. However, if you are tired, the cabs are easy to get. We never had a problem getting a cab. I am assuming you are south of town. If you are north of town I believe you can't get a cab you need a water taxi. During the day no problem but at night when the bars close, I don't believe there are any water taxis. I maybe wrong on this.
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Re: miscellaneous madcap mayhem - 07/25/00 03:14 PM

Oops. I see you are staying south of town! You will have a great time. Enjoy your trip.

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Re: miscellaneous madcap mayhem - 07/25/00 03:36 PM

Some of the resorts south of town -- for example Coconuts and Paradise Villas -- throw in free bike use as part of the price. Others rent them. As others have noted, cabs are easy to get (they will seek you out if you are walking around town, or if you're at your hotel the front desk will call them.) It's usually about US$5 from the south end hotels to town. The other option is renting a golf cart. Or walking.

--Lan Sluder
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Re: miscellaneous madcap mayhem - 07/25/00 04:11 PM

I meant to write >>some of the resorts south of town including Coconuts and CARIBBEAN Villas <<

--Lan Sluder
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Re: miscellaneous madcap mayhem - 07/25/00 04:44 PM

If your staying farther south of town....say from Banyan Bay and points south...Tropica, Banana Beach, Mata Rocks, Royal Palm, or Caribe will payin-between $7-$10 bz for cab fair. Caribe Island does have it's own van, but I think they only use it to pick you up on arrival....and take you back on departure to the airport.
Most of the cab drivers will be parked right in the town square....where the park is.....waiting for you to come out of the bar. This is a busy time for them. There are also food vendors ready to sell you that late night snack. They have the best hotdogs!....LOL After several rum and cokes at Fido's....boy do they taste good! [Linked Image]
Bicycles can be rented by the day or week even. Some people never lock their bikes up here....and most times...nothing happens. I always lock everything up.....old habit from the states....LOL I just feel better knowing I won't have to spend money to replace it. Bikes are expensive here. Most rental bikes here are beach cruisers....which you will be thankful for when you hit that loose me!
If you prefer a steady pace from Banyan Bay to town takes about 40 minutes....depending on how long your legs are....LOL.
Have a great trip!

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