Dive gear at ramons

Posted By: redrox

Dive gear at ramons - 07/25/00 09:25 PM

I was told by a local dive shop that it was better to rent bcd's and regulators here in the states. Has any one ever had a problem with rental equipment E.G. size, quality, availability? I am 6'4 270 lbs. and need a xxl bc any input would be great. Thanks
P.S. Can't wait to celebrate my honeymoon Aug 7

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Posted By: Terri

Re: Dive gear at ramons - 07/25/00 11:15 PM

Don't listen to the liars at the Dive Shops in the states! That is how they keep themselves in business by lying to people who go on vacation! Ugh! This is a sore subject for me. The equipment in San Pedro is perfectly fine. Don't bother lugging all the stuff down. Rent when you get to San Pedro. I dove with Ramon's, Amigos del Mar and Hustler. I found the equipment at Amigos del Mar to be the nicest. The equipment at Hustler did not look very nice but it worked just fine. This was a year and a half ago, maybe someone else has a newer experience to report. The size may be a problem but I would e-mail the dive shop in San Pedro and ask them if they carry that size and ask them to make sure they hold one for you when you get here. Everyone I met in Belize was nice and helpful and I am sure they would not have a problem helping you. Enjoy your honeymoon.

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Posted By: margarita

Re: Dive gear at ramons - 07/27/00 06:04 PM

We have rented our equiptment through Amigos del Mar for many years. Helpful friendly people. Try //
Their email is listed on their page.
Belize it!
Posted By: Jstifter

Re: Dive gear at ramons - 08/03/00 09:21 PM

Agree--we just finished our open water certification with Amigos Del Mar and the equipment was fine.
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