I can't wait...I'm combelizetly stoked

Posted By: reefer geefer

I can't wait...I'm combelizetly stoked - 07/26/00 07:48 AM

its not hard to tell who the message board addicts are. You know who you are ChooChoo, Terri, Lan and Sandshaker. Thanks for the replies. that was a great website shaker. being somewhat uneducated in the various fish species i didn't realize how big the tarpon are. i wouldn't want to spear one of those big bad boys either. although I might some 90 pound weakling.
didn't that doughhead who wandered into the mangrove lanes know which way was east? or did he leave bread crumbs to mark his way.

what 1/2 day bike rides would youse guys reccomend to see some of A caye.

If any body would like to hook up for a two man guided flats fishing trip i'd be interested. Aug 7-13
Posted By: Chloe

Re: I can't wait...I'm combelizetly stoked - 07/26/00 02:51 PM

I love your word. (combelizetly) All of us know the meaning also. lol
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: I can't wait...I'm combelizetly stoked - 07/26/00 06:06 PM

LOL @ Reefer.....yea duh!
Well...being the good little girl scout that I am and having read Hansel & Gretel as a child.....I would say he should have tied some white strips of cloth to the mangrove bushes along the way so he could find his way back! [Linked Image]

You see what I mean about the Tarpon huh? could probably ski with one of those suckers!....LOL

Have a fun trip!


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