Creepy Crawlers

Posted By: lmarquis

Creepy Crawlers - 07/26/00 06:52 PM

Hi. Coming to A.C. in November for first time with husband. I have been reading a lot about it. What is the real story with the scorpions? Are they seen around a lot?
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Creepy Crawlers - 07/26/00 07:16 PM

In 6 years I've never seen one... but if you go out and dig around in old woodpiles you can probably find some. How many do you want?
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Creepy Crawlers - 07/26/00 07:38 PM

I've been involved with Ambergris for about 4.5 years and have never seen of one nor heard of one.
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Re: Creepy Crawlers - 07/26/00 08:20 PM

Thanks for the responses, guys. No, I will not be looking under any woodpiles. I even hate bees! I read one of the travellogues where a woman encountered two on the same trip on different days. YIKES. I guess my chances of that happening are small (hopefully). Four months and counting!

Re: Creepy Crawlers - 07/26/00 08:48 PM

In 6 years we've seen only one. It was on the wall outside the womens rest room at a large resort (begins with an R). Scared the livin **** out of my 19 year daughter. That was at Christmas and we've never seen another. The skeeters can get a little big in November. Bring some bug spray and a tennis racket for those who get past the spray. A normal swatter will be ineffective. Novemebr has ben a great time to be there. The crowds are definitely down (OK, compared to other places the crowds are always down) and other than a little rain it was great weather each time.
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Creepy Crawlers - 07/26/00 08:57 PM

I don't think scorpions are as common in San Pedro town as they are parts of in mainland Belize, though I personally have seen a few of them in San Pedro. I've even seen kids "playing" with one, on the street that goes up to the hand ferry.

So far as I know, scorpions in Belize are not a species that has a fatal or really serious sting. I've seen young kids of five or six stung by them and their moms treated it as they would a bad bee sting.

They seem to like damp, dark places such as in walls and under rocks. Don't leave wet towels out overnight, as sometimes they will get under the towel.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: Marvel

Re: Creepy Crawlers - 07/26/00 10:25 PM

We have scorpions here. It's the little ones that cause a bad sting. We sometimes find them in the house,very rarely but they do come in through the patio door. If you can't see'm don't worry about them. They are more afraid of you! After all you'll kill them!!!!
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Re: Creepy Crawlers - 07/26/00 11:44 PM

LOL....I must be a scorpion magnet then1
Since moving here last November...I've been in contact with really big medium one....and a baby one in my shower! Not fond of these critters at all. I think it the area I'm in and all the surrounding dense growth. I wouldn't say this is the norm...I don't hear people talking about I think I'm the exception to the rule. Except for the shower cats found the other two. Just glad they didn't eat them. They like to bat them well as every other bug they find...till they're dead. [Linked Image]
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