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cigars - 07/27/00 01:37 AM

who knows what about available blends of Cigars are obtainable on AC. all types including cubans.

$$$ would be nice to know,too.

OK now that I've gone and come. this is the lowdown on the cigars.

many places have cubans but the Turtle Shop seemed to me to have the best prices, had a great selection and took care of the cigars.

You could get Monte Cristos and Cohibas for $8 and $10 each. Higher quality for $15-$20 with a selection of > 30 blends of cubans

I still don't know how many Cubans I can bring back legally. I do know that a few will go by the customs agent unnoticed, especially when you don't tell them you have them, and stuff them in your underware like the salesmen, who sold them, told you.

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Re: cigars - 07/27/00 06:07 PM

There are cuban cigars available on middle street - Travellors Liquor sp?
Don't know the price but my friend didn't blink when he bought his! He also sprang for the matching cuban cigar T-shirt! No worry!
Belize it!
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Re: cigars - 07/27/00 06:07 PM

with your name, are you sure it's cigars you are looking for? found the other thing to be very cheap when i was there 1993!
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Re: cigars - 07/27/00 06:16 PM

i paid 8 us each for some really killer cohibas in the travellers store on middle st., they have about the best selection that i know of.
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Re: cigars - 07/27/00 08:18 PM

Many have warned on this board, that Hattieville prison, is not a nice place, to experience Belize from. Hint to the wise.
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Re: cigars - 07/27/00 08:25 PM

I think I paid US$10 earlier this year -- probably at the Traveller's store. Pretty pricey but a great cigar.

--Lan Sluder
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Re: cigars - 07/28/00 03:07 AM

thanks for the replies. All my buddies here that love those hard to get cohibas want me to bring a truck load or should i say cart load home.

Will I have any problem bringing cuban cohibas back to the U.S. through customs???
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Re: cigars - 07/28/00 01:45 PM

I think the last I heard was that you can bring back up to 40 cubans -only for personal consumption. I've had mixed experiences the last few years (not coming from Belize) with cigars and customs. Once I walked through with a couple boxes, once a box was "accidentally" destroyed in handling. Haven't had any problems in the past 2 yrs though.
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Re: cigars - 07/28/00 06:58 PM

Take the label off.
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Re: cigars - 07/28/00 08:09 PM

i personally would never try to take home anything questionable. is it ever worth the risk to impress your buddies?
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Re: cigars - 07/28/00 08:37 PM

Jane, the last thing i want to is to get on the wrong side of the law. but if it's legal to bring some cohibas or monte cristos back i'd do it as a favor, not just to impress my buddies.

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Re: cigars - 07/29/00 12:36 AM

rg- nothing personal...didn't mean to come off like an a**hole or anything...just my opinion. don't really know anything about it, maybe i shoulda just kept quiet! when are you going to AC? we are august.
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Re: cigars - 07/31/00 12:40 AM

hey Jane no offense taken. I can take some abuse and kidding without going off. I'll be there 2nd week of august if my passport ever gets to me. the US passport office is a big joke. they doen't have to perform good service, they are a govt agency.
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Re: cigars - 07/31/00 02:49 AM

Reefer....what passport office are you using?
For an extra $30 you can expedite it....or if worse comes to can walk it thru in New Orleans but you will be there most of the day. Not bad can drop it off about 8 am and go tour downtown N.O....then pick it up around 2pm.
Hope it doesn't come to that though. [Linked Image]
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Re: cigars - 07/31/00 05:56 AM

I'm using the LA office it stands for lost again. I paid the extra extortion so they would do a job in three days ha three weeks maybe.

whats worse is ya can't call the passport office ya haf ta call a national service office and they only charge you 1$ per minute to find out what is going on. it takes the recorded message 5 minutes just to start telling what numbers for each selection. its like a big hoover sucking every last dime out of ya.

i know if i can just get to belize i'll chill but i'm getting antzi.
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Re: cigars - 07/31/00 03:32 PM

rg-we get there aug 19th. i had my passport to me in one-and-a-half weeks (paying the extra $30 for each of us, of course) but i'm in scenic bucks county PA. i hope yours comes in time, i wasnt going to take chances on that either! if you are still there when we are, maybe catch up with ya for a belikin! ps- my sister lives in LA.
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