Unbelizeable Story

Posted By: reefer geefer

Unbelizeable Story - 07/28/00 09:26 AM

I was talking to some friends who just returned from AC and they told me they saw a howler monkey water skiing behind a tarpon in the flats. I thought howlers were afraid of the water. what gives? They also told me to be careful cause you could get hammered in Sharks. and if that wasn't enough, they said that when the ACians have a blood drive, because there's a shortage of medical supplies they use mosquitos. Now i found that pretty hard to belize, but who knows.


pelize don't edit out this piece JesC, even though it might hurt someones funny bone

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Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Unbelizeable Story - 07/31/00 02:55 AM

LOL....funny....sounds like us alright! [Linked Image]
Reefer, you must give me your email so we share humour...LOL
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