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Sandshaker - 07/30/00 05:20 PM

Went to look at your site. Thanks for letting us find Great place to put pictures. Thanks
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Re: Sandshaker - 07/30/00 05:45 PM

Your Welcome Marvel! Zing is a great way to display a lot of pictures and it works really well for our purposes. I take digital pics on floppys when I go to the resort site and then when I get back.....I can upload them right away! It's making or altering web pages!....wooohoooo [Linked Image] The other nice feature is you can take any picture in an album and make a postcard out of it!
Glad you enjoyed it!

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Re: Sandshaker - 07/30/00 06:13 PM

Sandshaker I have just found another reason to come to San Pedro. I want to attend your computer and camera classes, your work is great. I know I could learn about such from you. Business trip. LOL
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Re: Sandshaker - 07/30/00 06:45 PM your talkin' deduction! [Linked Image]
Trust me ain't my camera skills...LOL...this camera is dummy proof!
That's why I love it so much!
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Re: Sandshaker - 07/30/00 06:47 PM

We're glad we find it. Our eldest son is in on a Multi level site that sells a Web page maker that sells for over $150.00. Just to put your family pictures on. He knows better on Multi level but you know kids today (he's actually 35) I have not gotten a response out of him that practically every server like AOL offers a free web page.And it was easy. I did e-mail him and tell him about the site you used to display your pictures. Just waiting for his response. Knowing him he won't comment. Just a question. It says digital camera pictures. Can one use there scanner and up load? We purchased a digital camera but we did not like the resolutions. (too low) and took it back. The cameras are still a lot of money for good resolutions. By the pictures you must have had a very expensive camera. I have a good Adobe program and other art program for my digitizing work. That's why I ask about the Scanner.
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Re: Sandshaker - 07/30/00 07:00 PM

Yes can scan your pics and save them in jpeg format then upload. I have a Sony Mavica that has 3 screen resolutions and will even do 5 sec video's great...but it is pricey....about $800...but for my purposes it's great and pays for itself....if I had to process film for all this I'd be broke....LOL Camera supplies are expensive here. All I have to buy for this is a floppy once in a while when I wear one out....LOL
Do you have some pics of Belize? If so, I'd love to steal them....oops....I mean see them. [Linked Image]
Your son hasn't learned yet for everything you want to do on a computer....somewhere, there is a free program...if you look long enough. Trust me....i cheat on everything...LOL I can write maybe 5 lines of html.....that's it. I use a program that does it all for me.....LOL It's TOO easy!
Why stress yourself....LOL I'm getting too old for that! [Linked Image]

Happy Scanning!

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Re: Sandshaker - 07/30/00 09:10 PM

Thanks for the info: Number one son, always more than we elders! So he thinks!, Of, course he has not anwered my e-mail about the site. Ha! Ha! He'll come up with a good come back I'm sure! Thanks for the information.
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