Gifts for residents?

Posted By: chidiver

Gifts for residents? - 12/04/11 08:57 PM

Hi, i read the post on not randomly giving trinkets to children like beggars which I think was a great point but I'd like to bring some things for adults I met and who helped me out.

For instance, I'd like to bring the inn keeper something and maybe her girls - in kindergarten and 6th grade. Are there things that women might like that are difficult or expensive to get and that would be easy for me to bring? (I'm a woman too) Cosmetics, medications, food treats? How about small things for her kids - her daughter liked math....

If this is inappropriate, I'd also appreciate hearing that too.... : ) tia
Posted By: SeeShell

Re: Gifts for residents? - 12/05/11 12:01 AM

I always bring "stuff" for the schools and for some friends and their kids. I bring barbie dolls and coloring books and crayons - I have brought flash cards for the Holy Cross School and some books - I have also donated to Be Kind Belize - same sort of stuff. My guess is pretty much anything is appreciated. For my adult friends I bring clothes and cosmetics and things like lint rollers - that they said they cannot find in Belize. When Old Navy had the dollar flip flops I brought those.
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