Diving Instruction?

Posted By: Charlie

Diving Instruction? - 06/13/00 02:33 AM

I'm thinking of going to AC mid July. My sister is trying to talk me into learning how to scuba dive while I'm there. I've been to a couple of sites, and it seems like they said that it was a four day course for about $400. How difficult is this to do? (the actual process of getting certified and arranging to do this in AC) Any other advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
Posted By: StacyA

Re: Diving Instruction? - 06/13/00 03:27 PM

You might want to consider doing your class & pool work at a PADI scuba shop near your home and then get your Open Water Certification in AC - that way you only use two days on "school" and the rest on fun dives and other things. ;-)
Posted By: MamaLiz

Re: Diving Instruction? - 06/13/00 11:07 PM

The 4 day course is to become a certified diver, you also have the option of a resort course. A resort course will allow you to dive with an instructor to around 35'. You start with an instructional video, learn some basic skills, then you're off!
I'm a newly certified diver and the friend I went with did the resort course at Amigos del Mar. I tagged along for the instruction and we did our diving together. We were both thrilled with the experience.
The price was VERY reasonable.
Posted By: Barry

Re: Diving Instruction? - 06/14/00 02:09 AM

I got my open water certification in early March with Reef Divers. You might want to do the " at home " CD-ROM version as I did first. Better hurry though. It's not something you just " blow thru." I highly recommend Reef Divers. Larry Parker has been there for 22 or so years. I'll be visiting and diving again there in late July! Can't wait! Good Luck!
Posted By: Charlie

Re: Diving Instruction? - 06/15/00 02:27 AM

Thanks everyone for the advice. I'm still not sure I will actually get there. LOL. And once there, what I'll do. But you've given some good advice. Thanks.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Diving Instruction? - 06/15/00 10:49 PM

Talk to TULU -- he works off the CORAL BEACH dock ... in the middle of San Pedro ... he is a master diver who will make it the most fun .... for the least amount of money because he works for himself, not for a hotel. He is a Belizean with 30 years experience on Ambergys. The best.
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