Ramon gets international award!

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Ramon gets international award! - 12/06/11 04:05 PM

International Legends of Diving Event honoring Ramon this past weekend

Ramon Nunez is the recipient of a lifetime award. Love TV’s Maria Novelo has the story.

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Congratulations My Friend!....Lots of Love to you from California....Myself, Tom & the girls.....
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Ramon Nuñez receives International Legends of Diving’s Giant Stride award

On Saturday December 3rd on the deck of the Pineapple’s restaurant at Ramon’s Village, long time diver and community icon, Mr. Ramon Nuñez was presented with the International Legends of Diving’s Giant Stride award. The award recognizes Nuñez’s contributions to the world of diving. Ramon Nuñez’s life story tells of his birth on a sailboat at sea on June 12, 1940. His passion for the sea was apparent at an early age. He attended school and finished the eighth grade before he left school to start his life at sea. Through the assistance of friend Jerry McDermott, Nuñez was sent to Houston, Texas USA where he was dive-certified at the Ocean Corporation.

According to Nuñez, he had already been diving prior to becoming certified therefore when he went to receive his diving course he already knew the basic fundamentals of diving. It was no surprise when he graduating at the top of his class.

In 1972, Nuñez was contracted by the Government of Belize, as the only certified native diver in the country, to guide internationally known, Jacques Cousteau during his visit to the country. He would guide Cousteau to the Blue Hole as well as to the cavern under Caye Caulker. According to Nuñez, “This was the experience of a lifetime! Dr. Jose Jones stated, “Ramon Nuñez’s achievements in the world of diving are indeed impressive: from being the first native of Belize to become a certified diver, to the honor of guiding Cousteau’s expedition into the world famous Blue Hole, he has certainly earned a place among the legends of diving”.

In speaking of his award, Nuñez stated; “I was so excited that last night I couldn’t even sleep. I was so excited about getting this award. It is the biggest thing that ever happened in my life. I had a lot of awards, but this is the biggest one, I feel so good. I think it pays to be a good diver. I dove in my life for 30 years and I still dive. This is great. Belize is one of the best places in the world to dive. We have so much different types of diving. There’s the great Blue Hole, wall diving, cannon diving, cave diving. I have been passionate about diving since I was a child. I love to dive. I dove 80 feet free diving for a living, when I was fishing for lobster. I encourage all divers in the country to keep diving because it is beautiful.”

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Diving Legend Ramon Nuñez Sr. Awarded


The ceremony began with an inspiring speech by International Legends of Divers, Mr. Jeff Rice explaining why this prestigious handmade “blown glass” award in the shape of a diver was being given to Mr. Ramon Nuñez Sr. Hall of Fame Diving Legend and founder of Underwater Adventure Seekers (UAS) and National Association of Black Scuba Divers (NABs), Dr. Jose Jones stated that he was very honored to make it for this very important event and also to present the prestigious and unique award to an icon like Ramon. Before presenting the award he gave an excellent statement:

“Out of all the 60,000 dives I’ve done around the world, Belize has the best place ever for diving. Make sure to keep this beauty this way & save the reef,” stated Jones.

Besides receiving the Giant Strides Award, another award given by Hedricks and the staff of Ramon’s Village Resort was presented by Mr. Einer Gomez. The ceremony ended with a touching and inspiring speech by Mr. Angel Nuñez about the outstanding and interesting life of a Mayan boy and his contributions to San Pedro and Belize.

Nunez compared Ramon to King Midas. While everything the king touched turned to gold, everything Ramon touches becomes an immediate success because it touches the lives of thousands of people. This is the accomplishment of a humble Mayan boy, hence leading to the announcement of a book being written & published very soon about the legendary Mr. Ramon Nuñez Sr.

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Congratulations Don Ramon!
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