Romantic Vacation????

Posted By: 91LSC

Romantic Vacation???? - 06/15/00 07:36 PM

My wife and I are looking for somewhere in Ambergris Caye with a private cabana, beautiful beach, good food and drinks, and a few other things to do. We did not have a honeymoon when we married and would like something romantic. We are not looking for total seclusion, although some privacey would be nice. Another question: what is required to be worn on the beach? Are there nude beaches, topless beaches, what is the beach dress code?
Thanks, Steve
Posted By: MamaLiz

Re: Romantic Vacation???? - 06/16/00 04:52 PM

I can't help you with a suggestion for AC, but if you want to go to the mainland for a couple days I know just the place.
The Maruba jungle spa was so intoxicatingly sexy. Lush jungle atmosphere, red hibiscus flowers everywhere, throbbing music, etc.etc.etc.
We went horseback riding in the jungle, took a riverboat ride to the ruins at Lamanai, had meals of wild game, soaked in the hot mineral bath (nude at night), and had the most incredible full body massage with their famous Mood Mud.
I know people take day trips to Lamanai from San Pedro and stop at Maruba, so getting there should be no problem.
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