Resort dive lessons

Posted By: 91LSC

Resort dive lessons - 06/19/00 02:53 PM

Do any of the resorts offer a resort dive trip without having to be certified? My wife and I took a resort dive in Florida with no certification requirement. Dive Master took us out for about a 45 min. to an hour dive, only about 25-30 feet. It was great for a first timer. We have not gotten certified, but would hate to miss the chance to see the reefs, etc. in Belize.
Any recommendations or input, please.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Resort dive lessons - 06/19/00 06:24 PM

I have been told about a "resort course" where an
uncertified person can make shallow dives while closely attended by an

this course which lets you dive to 40 ft with instructor supervision..all diveshops offer this

check with the operators at: //

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Re: Resort dive lessons - 06/19/00 06:57 PM

See the earlier post about Diving Instruction posted by Charlie on this message board. I think Amigos Del Mar offers this resort course you are interested in. See under diving on this web site // - Amigos Del Mar page, prices and email available there!
Belize it!
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