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Hotels - 06/22/00 02:40 AM

We are going to Belize in the middle of July and are still trying to figure out where to stay. I know we are staying at the Radisson Fort George for a couple of days. Does anyone know how good that hotel is? We are indecisive about going to Ambergris Caye or going south to stay at the Jaguar Reef Reserve Hotel. Does anyone know about that? And I would like to know about the Ramon's Village on Ambergris Caye. Is it worth going over from Belize City? Any suggestions on a good place to stay, we like lots of activities and people.
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Re: Hotels - 06/22/00 06:31 AM

Why the Raddison? It is perfectly fine, but not too indicative of the country. If you are arranging tours to other areas, it is a start place...Belize City is not the best place to see the real Belize. How exoctic do you wish to be? Ramons Village is one of the nicer places on the caye. Something a bit less expensive with the same atmosphere would be just a bit south at the Exotic Caye Resort. We have traveled in Belize at least twice a year since 1989. Beautiful place, if you take the time to see it as nature presents it...not as a stateside travel agent bent on selling a package to a destination they know nothing about. I hope this is not your first and last visit to this enchanting country. Explore it all - inland and island.
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Re: Hotels - 06/22/00 02:55 PM

The Radisson Fort George is a good international-style hotel. Two pools, cable TV, friendly staff. The rooms in the executive tower are especiallyn nice and have views of the water. As Stephi says, it's a Radisson and not particularly representative of Belize hotels. For something more local in that same area of Belize City, try Colton House (a wonderful little B&B -- without the breakfast, though), The Great House (restored 12-room colonial house) or Four Fort Street Guesthouse (lots of atmosphere and very good restaurant).

I've stayed at Jaguar Reef Lodge a few times. It's not in the Cockscomb jaguar reserve but about 15 miles away, on the coast near Hopkins village. It's a nice place, with large rooms in duplex cottages, pool, good restaurant (though expensive). Sand fleas here can be pretty bad at times. It was for sale but the owner has taken it off the market and is thinking about expanding it. If you want something smaller, Beaches and Dreams is a few hundred yards to the south and is nice little place on the beach, with a good restaurant. Both places are fairly expensive in-season but are good values off-season.

--Lan Sluder
Belize First Magazine
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Re: Hotels - 06/22/00 03:11 PM

I agree with Stephi. Explore, Explore, Explore!!! Belize City would be the last place I would stay unless I had no choice (business or such). The Cayo District has wonderful jungle lodges with TONS of activities. Horseback riding, cave exploring, canoe and kayak trips down the river, excursions to the Mayan runin at Tikal in Guatamala (A MUST SEE),hiking to waterfalls. The jungle borders on magical. We stayed at duPlooy's and it was heavenly. they are on the internet. Yes!! Go to the Jaguar Preserve, yes! go to Ambergris, the flavor is different there, and the snorkeling, diving, boating and fishing is top notch. Go see the REAL Belize. The people themselves are worth it. Belize it.
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Re: Hotels - 06/25/00 09:00 PM

The Radisson seems to me like a place that people may stay on their first and last nights in Belize. I've never stayed there as it is quite a bit more expensive that the Chateau Carribean, Fort St Guest House, or Colton House. All of those places I recommend. It is nice to get to Belize and enjoy a few Belikins by the Radisson pool while looking out on the sea though. I like to take it slow once arriving in Belize. I don't rush right out to the cayes the same day I fly in.
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