Basil Jones Resort & Club?

Posted By: Sandshaker

Basil Jones Resort & Club? - 06/23/00 12:28 AM

There has been a lot of discussion about the new timeshare resort on Ambergris Caye called Basil Jones Resort & Club. Just to clear the air and catch everyone up to date....YES, the resort IS being constructed. The dock is finished and the workers are in place on site. The foundations will begin Monday the 26th. We have full confidence in our builder Mr. Armando Graniel, that this project will be nothing less than the finest resort possible. If you would like to keep up with the progress of the resort....we have a photo album now and will add pictures often as we go along.
You can also visit our website at:

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Posted By: Chloe

Re: Basil Jones Resort & Club? - 06/23/00 04:20 AM

Sandshaker are you the nice blonde lady in the office in San Pedro? If so I visited with you last week with my husband.
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Basil Jones Resort & Club? - 06/23/00 04:51 PM

Yes Chloe......that would be me :-)
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Basil Jones Resort & Club? - 05/20/01 12:23 AM

Ya know, I was reading some of the archived posts from a year ago and just loved the good chit chat that prevailed. This one was one that caught my attention and from there I went on to read many of them. You two girls had smooth conversations. Keep up the good work at Basil Jones.
There also were many others that used to post too, where is everyone? I am mostly a reader but needed to read some things to day since M-A Gaffney had brought to my attention the difference now. It's true, it has changed and there is good reason, many have recently been and are really hyped. Love to see it. Just also miss the past posters. Hope no toes are stepped on, it is not my intention. Just love to read these things and it helps me too feel the Belize in all of you. Thanks for listening.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Basil Jones Resort & Club? - 05/20/01 03:36 AM

Wow, this really takes me back, so good to see our old post, and my first meeting of Sandshaker.
Now a year later, I hope to be at the grand opening of Basil Jones Resort June 2001.
Nygal I do concur with your above post, it is good to read, that others enjoy Belize the we do, but Belize is much more than driving golf carts while drinking Belikins.
"One should check the golf cart driving regulations in San Pedro." BELIZE IT.

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Posted By: calchick

Re: Basil Jones Resort & Club? - 05/20/01 03:55 AM

I, too, met Sandshaker (the nice blonde lady LOL)in her office a year ago. Where has she been? I get an occassional Email, but rarely see any posts from her. Maybe I should be asking her that question??!! Good to see your name on the board.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Basil Jones Resort & Club? - 05/20/01 06:11 AM

HI good to see you too. I heard thru the grapevine her computer crashed, so she has limited time on another computer now.
She is busy gearing up for Grand Opening tho.
Posted By: munichchick

Re: Basil Jones Resort & Club? - 05/21/01 05:09 AM

Chloe! We also will be there for the grand opening June 9th and are very excited about staying in our beautiful Tiki Hut.It will be great to see the finished Resort after following the construction photos since last August. Hope to meet you there.
Posted By: M-A Gaffney

Re: Basil Jones Resort & Club? - 05/21/01 05:50 PM

I'm SO glad you got my point! I was afraid I'd get yanked for being negative (what, me paranoid?) I DO enjoy reading about everyone's good time, but . . . And I used to put in my two-cents about local attitudes and such, but met with resistance. so now I keep my big trap shut. sort of.
Posted By: munichchick

Re: Basil Jones Resort & Club? - 05/22/01 01:03 AM

Sandshaker! How are things coming along at the resort? I hope there will be enough boat rides available to get to and from town for dinners, dancing and meeting friends etc. Very important! Hopefully the ferry will be doing the run to/from Basil Jones several times a day as well. It is only 2 1/5 more weeks now. Do you want our flight arrival time for the transfer to the resort?
Posted By: seashell

Re: Basil Jones Resort & Club? - 05/22/01 03:43 AM

M-A, as long as you are just offering your perspective, to provide balance, I don't have a problem with that. A little balance is a good thing. Total negativity is entirely another. Don't stop expressing yourself if you are just trying to present a balanced view. If you are being negative to turn people away from SP, that would be inappropriate.

I too, love SP and AC, however, I know that things are not always what they seem. That doesn't change how I feel about the place or my longing to return. It just makes me more aware of the realities. Nothing wrong with that.
Posted By: M-A Gaffney

Re: Basil Jones Resort & Club? - 05/22/01 03:45 PM

seashell - reasonable enough. E-mail me sometime ([email protected]) if you ever want to discuss local issues that aren't approached on this board.
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Basil Jones Resort & Club? - 05/22/01 07:13 PM


Email me your details.

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