Cellular Services?

Posted By: imerex

Cellular Services? - 07/01/00 12:54 PM

Can anyone tell me if Cellular service is available in Belize City or Ambergris Caye?
And if so, is it Analog, CDMA, GSM or TDMA?
Thanks, Dave.
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Cellular Services? - 07/01/00 05:29 PM

There is mobile cell service in Belize City and Ambergris Caye and around all towns in Belize. Fixed cellular is available in more remote areas. I don't know enough about cellular to tell you the details. You can call BTL, and they'll fill you in. You can rent cell phones at the international airport.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: tavernguy

Re: Cellular Services? - 07/02/00 04:28 PM

Am I missing something? I thought the reason to go to AC was to get AWAY from things like Cellular Service.
Posted By: LYNN

Re: Cellular Services? - 07/02/00 07:36 PM

I am with the Tavernguy......when i was in the cell phone business knew that you could use your cell phone in Central America if your service provider would allow you to extend your usage to the Americas.....but look for some huge bills when you get back home. It will be cheaper to rent one at the airport than pay $5-$10 a minute for international roaming. HAVE A GREAT TIME!
Posted By: Stephi

Re: Cellular Services? - 07/02/00 08:11 PM

When we first stumbled upon Belize and San Pedro, life was far less complecated. You reallyhad to search for a pay phone. Sadly, now they are every where. It really saddened me that places like the cyber cafe popped up for PC & cell phone users. My business is totally computer & cell phone....vacation is for not using these things. Yes they are there now, but RELAX & try it with out them!
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