lobster season

Posted By: Christy

lobster season - 06/30/00 05:45 PM

Can anyone tell me when lobster season is? I read that it was in the middle/end of July, but I'm not sure. I'm going to AC July 10-16. This is my first time going and I'm extremely excited.
Posted By: Marty

Re: lobster season - 07/01/00 12:01 AM

Here is the scoop on lobster...
Caught as they ahve been for years, with lobster traps and skin diving, no one can tell how plentiful or not the season will be and from past seasons the numbers have been dwindling.

At the open of the season, June 15th, (when you can eat lobster, fresh or otherwise) lobster sells for $20.00 Bze per pound. After the initial rush of the season the price per pound stabilizes around $18.00. Buyers will sometime get a way with a minimum offer of $17.00.

Second grade lobster which is illegal is sometimes available at $10.00 per pound. But be advised that the penalties are steep for being in possession of second grade lobster.

A lobster must weight 4 ounces and above for it to be legal and purchased at any cooperative or store. Second grade lobster is normally returned to vendors with little supervision or reprimand by the appropriate authorities on the grounds that individual vendors or fishermen will use such lobster for personal consumption.

The bottom line is that a lobster meal ranges from $40.00 to $55.00 in most restaurants.

There is NO closed season where it is permitted to eat frozen lobster but not fresh, it's important to understand that the closed season from February 15th-June 15th means NO LOBSTER EATING or stocking of lobster of any kind! This is to stop "stockpiling" which would erode the lobster population. Also it eliminates the temptation to buy lobster during the off season and say that it was caught during the open season...
Posted By: Chloe

Re: lobster season - 07/01/00 01:56 AM

Christy, we were in San Pedro open day of the lobster season, June. Fido's (Feedoo's)
had a great lobster dinner for $17.00 US $.
They also had entertainment most nights.
The Reef Restaurant on Middle street, you got two lobster tails, and side orders for $17.00 US $. Go and enjoy. It was the best lobster we have ever tasted.
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