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Posted By: gambill

least expensive hotel - 07/07/00 07:23 AM

My young daughter,10, and I want to visit, but we will be on a tight budget. Too lazy to visit each and every hotel listed on this site. Need names of decent yet not to pricey hotels. Any suggestions?
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Re: least expensive hotel - 07/07/00 01:51 PM

I would recommend Rubies Hotel on the beach downtown San Pedro. At $30US it truly is a bargain. No matter where you stay,enjoy Belize & its wonderful people. JH
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Re: least expensive hotel - 07/07/00 02:20 PM

We stay at the Conch Shell Hotel right on the beach, clean, reasonable prices on a budget. No A/C TV but you can save $ by getting a room with a fridge and keeping your own beverages and snacks. There are rooms with stoves as well. See their listing on this site under lodging.
Belize it!
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Re: least expensive hotel - 07/07/00 05:21 PM

I second the vote for Rubies, if you want to go really cheap they have 3 rooms on the ground floor (2 face the water) and they all share a very clean bathroom for $15 a night. You don't get much of a mattress for $15, but if you're like us, the room is only to change clothes in and crash/sleep in. We're so tired by the end of the day usually that we don't care. Rubies cafe opens early at 6 a.m. and is very economical for breakfast and lunch.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: least expensive hotel - 07/07/00 07:46 PM

Silkpainter, your work is so beautiful, I enjoyed visiting your site on Carribbean Colors. Thanks
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Re: least expensive hotel - 07/07/00 11:56 PM

Thanx Chloe for the compliments. I went into your info and didn't find your email address anywhere, so Ill post this message instead. I sat out on Rubies back deck in April and painted a whole new underwater series on silk that is not yet on the site, plus I have a series of Mayan glyphs called "Ages of the Moon" due out next month. If you e-mail me at [email protected] I'll notify you when the new stuff is online.

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Posted By: Wendy

Re: least expensive hotel - 07/08/00 06:56 AM

Ruby's rates are great!
Room with shared bath $15 US
Room with private bath, fan, most oceanfront $22.50 US (summer special)
Room with private bath, AC, oceanfront $45 US
ON the beach, on the edge of town.
Enjoy your trip....
Posted By: gambill

Re: least expensive hotel - 07/13/00 04:36 PM

Thanks for the replies. We can't wait to get there!
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