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Posted By: Scott

Restaurant recommendations... - 07/14/00 01:35 AM

We will be heading for AC on the 17th and staying at The Palms. Since they do not have a restaurant I need some help !! Also diving with Amigos del Mar...any dive sites to recommend?
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Re: Restaurant recommendations... - 07/14/00 03:42 AM

Be sure and take an evening boat to The Capricorn on the Northern part of the Island. Water Taxi or sale on the Rum Punch sailing ship (if it is around)will get you there. It is a very nice gourmet place. We are on ac every thanksgiving week and this is our last stop since it has opened. Great food and great atmosphere...Annabel & Clarence are good people. Whereever you are staying can make reservations (a must) for you or you can email ahead. Have fun!
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Re: Restaurant recommendations... - 07/14/00 02:54 PM


There several recent threads here on Ambergris Caye restaurants. Just look back over the last few weeks and you'll get a lot of recommendations.

--Lan Sluder
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Re: Restaurant recommendations... - 07/14/00 03:26 PM

Try a night dive with Amigos Del mar at Hol Chan Marine Park. Awesome.
Estel's Dine by the Sea on the Beach in the center of town is my favorite spot. Estella is featured in this weeks San Pedro Sun!
Belize it!

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Re: Restaurant recommendations... - 07/14/00 05:05 PM


You have to work pretty hard to get a really bad meal in AC. Try the Patio, Jade Garden, Sweet Basils (north of the cut, check for's really a great time), Ambergris Delight, Fido's, The Reef, on and on. In my experience beware the kitchen at Ramons. Don't miss BC's bar-b-que on Sunday afternoons. For more upscale Cozumel look try Elvi's. Go to Estelles for breakfast and listen to Charlie pontificate on the state of the world. Don't forget to order a pizza from Dennis the Bun will be one of the best you will have had.

Now we all have you completely confused.

Have fun....
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Re: Restaurant recommendations... - 07/14/00 06:48 PM

We had great meals pretty much anywhere we went but we wanted to be a little adventurous and get of the "beaten" path _ ha! We enjoyed Estel's as well as the Jambel Jerk Pit (great jerk pork). We generally tried to hit some little places where the food was even cheaper and more interesting. One place we liked was Car's Diner - which has 3 tables in a little shack on back street towards the north end of town - you could easily miss it and it's funky but she does some great food. We also loved the fish burritos at Waragama (I think) on middle street towards the south end of town. Just a little stand with tacos and stuff but great. On the other side of the spectrum we went to Capricorn and had a great meal also - not cheap but a great experience. We really enjoyed talking to the chefs and getting various recipes (or at least hints) for cole slaw and pepper sauces.
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Restaurant recommendations... - 07/14/00 09:28 PM

DITTO on Jambel's Jerk Pit. It's a Jamaican restaurant. Best food ever!!! It's located next to the park near the Catholic church. Small place, but out of this world. If you like exotic spices, their curry is FANTASTIC!!!
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Re: Restaurant recommendations... - 07/14/00 10:51 PM

Just got back from AC a week ago...The two best lobster dinners of my life were at places recommended by our DiveMaster. The first was Los Cocos...and the second was Papi's Diner...they are in the same area...ask one of the locals or take a taxi, they'll know where they are.

Ramon's need to hire a descent chef...we stayed there and the food was below average...kinda strange seeing how expensive everything else is there.

Elvi's kitchen was ok...we ate there 3 times...I was less impressed each time...nice atmosphere though.

Jade Garden is awesome Chinese food...definately check it out.

Jambel was good...good Jerk Grouper!

Estel's was just wife hated it...I would definatley go elswhere.

And Don't fall for the 2 for 1 drinks at Big Daddy's...No alcohol and they charge you almost as much as two drinks would've cost!!
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Re: Restaurant recommendations... - 07/17/00 10:40 PM

Stephi: I note from your reply that you have been to A.C. during Thanksgiving week. My husband and I will be first time visitors there this Thanksgiving. What can you generally expect weather-wise at this time of year? And, what about the bugs?


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