fist time snorkeling

Posted By: June

fist time snorkeling - 07/16/00 03:49 AM

Okay this is the last one for tonight. I promise. I do not scuba nor do I desire to, but I would like to try snorkeling. What is the best for an absolute scardy cat?
Posted By: Chloe

Re: fist time snorkeling - 07/16/00 04:04 AM

First find a guide that will take a life preserver, and stay with you all the time, and you can then snorkel all the locations, and enjoy every second of viewing the beautiful fish and coral. I used Enrique at Aqua Dives at the Sunbreeze resort. He will stay right with you. My trip before, the guide did not get off the boat, and it was difficult for me to see much, for fear of going too far from the boat, and could not swim back. So ask the guide will you snorkel beside me, with a preserver. Enjoy
Posted By: June

Re: fist time snorkeling - 07/16/00 04:11 AM

Actually, I do know how to swim very well. High school swim team. It's the snorkeling part the scares the hell out of me. Can you really perfect the art of breathing in and out of a tube?
Posted By: MamaLiz

Re: fist time snorkeling - 07/16/00 04:59 AM

June, if you are worried about inhaling water and choking, you can invest in a completely dry snorkle. They are available at dive shops and they are expensive, but they work. Also, if you buy your own mask and snorkle, you can practice in a pool before you go.
Pet one of the nurse sharks for me ;-)
Posted By: Marty

Re: fist time snorkeling - 07/16/00 06:15 AM

Practice in a cold hot tub.

I like to bring an orange life preserver and an eight foot string. tie one end of the string to the life preserver.

then head to the bottom, holding onto the other end of the string. when you need air, head up. when you get tired, lay on the life preserver, rest, head back down.

Hang onto that string, and having the life preserver up there all the time really helps. Keep your boat right nearby with whomever is watching over you still in it.

I can stay out for hours that way, huh Norman???
Posted By: June

Re: fist time snorkeling - 07/16/00 05:14 PM

Marty, what a great idea. This way they'll know where I have wondered off too. I will be with a very experienced diver,but you know when your husband is trying to teach you, it can be fustrating. I think I will get one of those snorkels you talked about Mamaliz. Swallowing water and choking is not my idea of fun. Thanks.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: fist time snorkeling - 07/16/00 08:59 PM

June, you will be fine, I know because I am the worst swimmer, and always afraid I can not get enough air, but the experience is so magical you forget about yourself. Make sure you get your masked tight enough, when you think it is tight, tighten it some more.
Go to Hol Chan and stark ray alley first, they are usually one trip together. Then if you feel up to it, go to Mexico rocks, and other locations. If in doubt go find Enrigue at the Sunbreeze, Aqua Dive shop, he will lead you safely thru. It is a spiritual experience. Tell us about it, when you return home. By the way I am a weak 62 yr old woman, well sometimes. LOL
Posted By: June

Re: fist time snorkeling - 07/18/00 05:37 AM

Chloe, thank you for the support. I know I will have a great time. I just need to relax and not worry so much. You give me much encouragement. June
Posted By: nat

Re: fist time snorkeling - 07/19/00 01:03 AM

You will have no problem if you are a swimmer. It is actually really fun to be able to breathe with your face in the water (after so many years of training to hold your breath). Sometimes water gets in the snorkel if the water gets a little choppy, but you just blow it out--no problem.

For a real trip try scuba diving sometime. I just got certified and it is so fun to stay under water for an hour!--nat
Posted By: Stephi

Re: fist time snorkeling - 07/19/00 03:48 AM

I SCUBA and snorkle. Snorkling on the reef is great.It is not that deep and generally clear. You can see a lot. Usually the guides will stay with you and make you feel comfortable. Once you are in a place like Hol Chan where there is a lot to see, you will forget your fears and just encoy the scenery. Relax and have a great time!
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