Travel questions

Posted By: ALC

Travel questions - 02/13/12 06:45 PM

I will be on Ambergris April 5-11, with my family. Couldn't find definitive answers on the web to these questions:
1. Sim card purchase in the airport or via hot guide prior to arrival?
Belize hot guide
Can one purchase a sim in San Pedro?

2. Our visit is over the Easter Sunday weekend.
2a. Will stores, restaurants, shops, fishing/snorkeling excursions be open/available?
2b. Special events on Easter?
I believe there is a "Cross" Walk/Parade on the afternoon of Good Friday.

3. Is there market for local goods, fresh fruits, art?

Posted By: Surendra

Re: Travel questions - 02/13/12 07:28 PM

1. Hot guide Belize will be the best way to buy the Sim Card. She will leave it at the airport for you when you get here.
2.On the 5th all the storesshould be open. Super Buy at back street and there are vegetable vendors across the street from Superbuy
Posted By: ALC

Re: Travel questions - 02/13/12 08:20 PM

Thanks for the sim recommendation.

Will stores be open April 6, 7, 8, and 9th? Are stores normally open on Sunday?

Is Monday the 9th a holiday?

Are the vegetable vendors present everyday or only certain days of the week. Hours?
Posted By: KwikWalk

Re: Travel questions - 02/14/12 11:00 PM

Most of the vendors are out 7 days from morning to dusk. There are a few that stay open later scattered around. But the quality of their stock will slowly deteriorate between produce deliveries to the island. So we usually hit the vendors until the stock starts to not look so good, then go to the larger stores where it's better protected until the next delivery.
Posted By: ALC

Re: Travel questions - 02/23/12 01:52 AM

Thanks KW.
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