40th Birthday in AC

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40th Birthday in AC - 08/04/00 07:00 PM

Both my husband and I will be celebrating our 40th birthday in AC (Thanksgiving week). Where is the best place to eat to celebrate this event? How about for dancing/drinks afterward?
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Re: 40th Birthday in AC - 08/05/00 12:16 AM

i've never done either, but i hear the sunset sail cruise if really nice( i'd like to do that on my birthday) and i hear Capricorn restaraunt is very nice and upscale. someone else here will know for sure...but that's what i'd do.
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Re: 40th Birthday in AC - 08/05/00 04:10 PM

I think most people would say Capricorn is the top splurge restaurant. Other high-end places with good food are Rendevouz and Mambo. All three of these are on North Ambergris and require a water taxi trip.

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Re: 40th Birthday in AC - 08/07/00 05:48 PM

Beach BarBQ is where I celebrated my birthday with family and friends!!
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Re: 40th Birthday in AC - 08/07/00 06:03 PM

I've never been to Capricorn, but I really enjoyed Rendevouz as a different experience one night!
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Re: 40th Birthday in AC - 08/07/00 11:05 PM

Margarita: The beach bbq sounds cool. I have heard it is on Sundays. Is that right? If so, where would we find it?
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Re: 40th Birthday in AC - 08/08/00 01:26 AM

to find the beach bbq, look down at my post of "anyone there late august" and choo choo tells us all about it. sounds like fun. i am sure there are others too, maybe even on some smaller cayes.

Re: 40th Birthday in AC - 08/08/00 02:58 PM

40th birthdays! We have celebrated many birthdays in San Pedro, our own and several friends.

BC's Sunday BBQ is always a good time. Starts around 3 and goes until they run out of food or Bruce throws in the apron. Usually about 8. Be sure to get some of the cakes, key lime torts, etc. from Hildy who will show up early evening. They go fast so move quick. (If at forty that is still possible)

The past three years for my birthday and one of our regular traveling companions we have had Charlene (she's the C in BC's) arrange with a friend of hers to make an island speciality, the "Better than Sex Cake". This is so big, so good and so rich that we now get it four or five days in advance so that there is a prayer that 2 or 3 couples can finish it. If you can get Charlene to cooperate this is a must do.

Capricorn would also be good choice. Hey, who says you can't have a weeks worth of celebrations? Last year we were at the Palapa for SWMBO BIG one. We were feloniously overserved. Recommended only if you are adroit at "kneewalking". Makes the ferry across the cut to get back to SP a life altering experience.

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Re: 40th Birthday in AC - 08/08/00 11:15 PM

Imarquis BC's BarBQ is Sunday. Holiday House BarBQ Tuesday I think. Also depending on where you are staying you can arrange your own BarBQ on your beach! In fact my favorite Beach BarBQ is served at lunch time! After we catch plenty of snapper in the morning and snorkel to cool off, our captain Mr Luz Guerreo cooks it Belizean style on the beach with a coconut fire. YUM!! This is on the North end of the Island by Mexico Rocks, but I am sure you could grill it anywhere and anytime you want.
Drinks will be easy to find everywhere - but you will have to find out when & where the dancing is when you are there. Don't know if Iguana is open every night for disco, and although there is lots of music, live bands with dancing is harder to find!
Email me at [email protected] if you want to know more about Mr Luz.
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