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to R G - 08/09/00 06:25 PM

How are things going? We are anxious to hear about ambergris. Did you find a place to stay and meet some new friends. Take care. Mom
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Re: to R G - 08/10/00 02:02 AM

you got our email and we saw your message post.
Posted By: chicke

Re: to R G - 08/13/00 04:23 AM

Hey RG seen any tarpoon around?
Posted By: jesus

Re: to R G - 08/13/00 04:29 AM

Whats a "tarpoon"?

Re: to R G - 08/13/00 12:25 PM


Are you in San Pedro?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: to R G - 08/13/00 03:36 PM

rg - the weather holding up for you? have you come out of the ocean yet?? post ya when i get back, and let me know how your trip went!
Posted By: reefer geefer

Re: to R G - 08/13/00 07:08 PM

yes i'm here in the house, the house of paradise. I've been so busy doing stuff i've stayed off the computer. except to check emails and stocks. can't stand to be away from the NASDAQ.

ans. Tarpon = a big fish can get up to 180 lbs. did not catch one. got some snapper. piece of cake cast in a chunk of fish and reel them in.

went on a few day trips. my fave was the SeaDuced Manatee, Goff Caye snorkle & BBQ, Seahorse, Rays and nurse sharks, yes we did swim with the sharks in fact we grabbed them.

the Palace casino was a regular night stop, love to gamble.

i could go on and on but i'll post my report when i get back.

ps look out for the rasta man he is everywhere.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: to R G - 08/13/00 07:39 PM

Hey RG so far you and I are the only visitors that have mentioned enjoying our gambling at Palace Casino. Of course that makes my trip cost quite a bit more now. LOL
The people running the casino are just so nice, I loved it.

Re: to R G - 08/13/00 09:32 PM

Keep the rain away. We'll be there tomorrow. same place, off Villa Dr.
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