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underwater cameras/videos - 08/10/00 02:20 PM

do any dive shops or hotels rent underwater video cameras? my sister did this several years ago in maui. think it would be really cool to rent one for a day trip.

do disposable underwater still cameras work well snorkeling? i was never able to get results with them that really looked like what i was seeing. the colors wash out (sunsets too) do shops rent nice u/w cameras?
any suggestions? thanks!
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: underwater cameras/videos - 08/10/00 03:05 PM

Hey Jane!
Check the dive shop that you will be diving with... the shop where you are staying does rent them... I forget the price right now but they do have them.

Re: underwater cameras/videos - 08/10/00 04:06 PM

Also check with Chris at the Blue Hole Dive Center in town. They have oodles of the still or video stuff. OR you can indulge hubby with a real nice Sea and Sea underwater 35mm for about $300 (plus FedEx of course). Then--he will want to use it frequently and you'll have more Caribbean vacations! SWMBO got a free subscription to "Diver", but every issue costs me $500 (or more) in dive junk.

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Re: underwater cameras/videos - 08/10/00 05:11 PM

Choochoo you poor dear, all the suffering you must endure. But not feeling to badly for you, since she lets you go with her to Belize 5 times a year. Choochoo, it is very clear, you love that woman dearly. We admire you on this board. Big smiles.

My throw away underwater camera, did a fair job. Alittle mirky, not bad, of course it worked better, before Hubby tossed it back on the boat, from the water. Oh well.
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Re: underwater cameras/videos - 08/10/00 06:38 PM

denny, choochoo, chloe, my new friends, thank you... denny, how convenient. i will indeed look into it. PS - when are you in philly? email me at [email protected] if you want to come to doylestown for a day.(we have a pool!)

chloe, i used a disposable in st croix a few years back and was kinda disappointed. again, murky and washed out. of course, it wasn't like hol chan, but the video thing would be soooo cool.

choochoo, frank and i would love to have an excuse to return to caribbean more often, but again, YOU GUYS FORGET I HAVE TWO PRESCHOOLERS!!! when i'm old like you guys (hahaha) maybe i will get him that camera. for now he'll settle for a rental. this is only his 3rd dive vacation as he was not certified until he was 35, and again, there's the kids...this is the first time we're away alone in 5 yrs.
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Re: underwater cameras/videos - 08/10/00 07:54 PM

This is a great topic and hopefully someone (choochoo, oldgator, marty, etc.) can verify and report who rents Underwater Video Cameras on AC... thanks for the great idea and thanks to anyone who knows how and where to rent one of this great cameras! Thanks!

Re: underwater cameras/videos - 08/10/00 08:24 PM

I'd log on to the Blue Hole Dive Center and ask Chris. If they don't have video cams he would know who might. You might even try Joe (?) Miller Photography. He is a local who has provided most of the underwater photos on the AC home page. I'm sure that he would have an email address. I suspect that the rental rate is quite dear.

(Of course where in the world can a week's cart rental be more than the rental on new Lincoln. Oh DO get consistent flat tires, loose steering and bad brakes just to make it interesting.)

**Jane..they will grow up quicker than you can imagine. We try to get away, just the two of us, at least once a year. It's now been 18 months, and 4 trips to AC ago. That all changes Monday morning. (O.K. guys, I do like her a "teeny" bit, but she is not to know. Then she'll REALLY get bossy.)
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Re: underwater cameras/videos - 08/12/00 07:51 AM

the place denny says has them is of course journeys end, where we are staying. they have a dive shop there. if anyone is really interested i can email jonathan there and get a rental price. he's been helpful. the divemaster there is named steve.
ps- i had looked at joe millers site a few days ago and his photos are neat. i liked them.
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