diving with wet suits

Posted By: Duke222

diving with wet suits - 08/12/00 02:14 AM

Huh!!!! I'm getting some conflicting reports
on weather I should wear a wet suit or not when diving. will I get cold on second and deep dives. I will listen to any opinion on the matter
Posted By: papashine

Re: diving with wet suits - 08/12/00 04:08 AM

No, you do not need a wet suit, a set of skins if you want. I usually just wear a bathing suit. you might want to bring a light jacket for the ride back to the dock as after a dive or two you may become chilled. Have fun.
Posted By: MamaLiz

Re: diving with wet suits - 08/15/00 07:41 PM

The reason you are getting conflicting reports is because cold tolerance is such a subjective area. I won't get into a swimming pool unless it's at least 86, anything less than that is too cold for me, but then the kids are in as soon as it hits 74. The same differences occur in diving. No one can tell you if you will need a wetsuit because no one else but you knows when you feel cold. Glance back in your diving log at previous dives and what you wore for what temps then compare that to the average water temps for the time of year you are going.
And if you really can't make up your mind, bring the suit and take it off or put it on as need be. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
Whatever you decide, enjoy yourself, you are in for an incredible trip.
Posted By: Jonathan

Re: diving with wet suits - 08/15/00 10:46 PM

Totally agree with MamaLiz. Everyones physical make-up is diff. plus if your making multiple dives on consecutive days, I dont care if your a sealion your bodies core tempature will drop.
Posted By: fred

Re: diving with wet suits - 08/16/00 06:06 PM

skins do not reall provide any thermal value, but that is what i usually use. I also carry my 1.5mm and have used that on several occaision. the blue hole can get chilly at 130+ feet. you might try a polartech, as they actually provide a bit of warmth.
Posted By: grand10s

Re: diving with wet suits - 08/23/00 06:21 PM

I plan on wearing my 3mm Henderson Gold suit next week in AC not for warmth but for protection - would rather accidentially bump into something with a layer between!!!
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