hey beerbudget !!

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hey beerbudget !! - 08/14/00 10:46 PM

did you happen to see the post that there will be a womens clothes catalog shoot at ramones while we're in AC? it begins sunday 20th, day of bbq. think our husbands might like to invite the models??!!LOL!

Re: hey beerbudget !! - 08/15/00 04:09 AM

We're here and you are NOT. Have my own model with me! SWMBO and I love her. Get down here.

Re: hey beerbudget !! - 08/15/00 04:11 AM

It looked like that didn't post from SP. How come we are the only ones here? I have my own Indy Proper model. Hah!
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Re: hey beerbudget !! - 08/15/00 02:45 PM

Damn -- I knew I should have gone on that diet! Models right next door -- what a nightmare. I'll have to drink my blues away...

Jane: Where do you get that cane juice?

ChooChoo: I'm jealous, but only TWO MORE DAYS!
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Re: hey beerbudget !! - 08/15/00 03:32 PM

choochoo, rub it in you son-of-a-b***h!! how's your weather holding up? 5 days and i'm nearly peeing my pants over it!

bb - i'm >100 lbs (as i am very short) but having that second kid killed the figure! maybe a skillfully designed (and padded)swimsuit might help!
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Re: hey beerbudget !! - 08/16/00 09:54 PM

Jane: Tomorrow at this time HWWHWO and I'll be arriving at the ROCK. See you on Sunday! (I'll be the one giving the models dirty looks and hissing/booing at them...
Posted By: Chloe

Re: hey beerbudget !! - 08/16/00 11:04 PM

Now just how funny would it be, if those models are PLUS SIZE models?
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Re: hey beerbudget !! - 08/17/00 12:08 AM

chloe, thanks for trying to make us feel better, but the post had a link and i checked it out. they are NOT plus size and i don't think any are over 35 either.

bb - my only consulation (that you are there before me) is i will be there after you have goes double for choochoo!

ps choochoo - hwtho (he who thinks he's obeyed)tells me you stole that swmbo thing from some brittish pbs show? he is a smart kind of guy.

see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!
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